The Dog-eared Page:  an assortment of Parhelion's stories from the back of the drawer


Ash and Iron:  An Esoteric Novel

Warnings:  AU WIP;  supernatural elements;  wild flights of fancy;  bouts of sex, violence, and Latin Swing.

Part One:  Greentree (PG-13)

Part Two: Ghosts/Alarming (PG-13)

Part Three: The Illuminated (PG-13)

Part Four: Downtown/Nice/Dialogue (PG-13)

Part Five: Special Delivery (PG-13)

Part Six: Visitors (PG-13)

Part Seven: Five Aces (PG-13)

Part Eight: Veritas/Delusion (NC-17)

Part Nine: Rags (PG-13)

Part Ten: Family (PG-13)

Part Eleven: Lamps (PG-13)

Part Twelve: Forge Iron (R)

Part Thirteen: Living (R)

Part Fourteen: Change/Poetics (NC-17)

Part Fifteen: Death (R)

Strong Cheese


Delirium (NC-17)

Archie pays the price for all those spicy pulps - not to mention certain other publications - he sneaked a peak at.

Warnings:  Blunt, rough sex, puerile humor, certain darkslash tropes gently mocked.


Romans (NC-17)

An A.U. in which the slave Archippos helps his master the Senator unravel two personal dilemmas.

Warnings:  Blunt sex, violence, the vicissitudes of slavery, and cultural mores about sex very unlike our own.


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This work is all based on the original creations of Rex Stout.   These stories are intended to offer tribute, not to demand tribute from others.

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