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This page contains slash fanfiction, in other words ADULT MATERIAL. If you are under the age of consent for your location, or if you object to relationships between members of the same sex, please LEAVE


Instant Fire new
Ezra/Chris, R, First Time/Drama
Summary: Two feuding Dons and a blast from Chris' past cause some problems for Ezra, Chris and Buck in Purgatorio.

Broken Arrow
Ezra/Chris, Ezra/OMC, NC-17, First Time/Drama
Summary: Written as part of the Red Jacket Diaries. Premise: White Indian - character that was taught how to handle bow, tomahawk, scalping knife, etc. by Indians. Lost his family to Indians but he himself survived.

A Mind To Murder
Ezra/Chris, NC-17, First Time/Drama
Summary: Written as part of the Red Jacket Diaries. Premise: A rapacious man who rapes other men.

Bedroom Eyes
Ezra/Buck, Buck/Other (Implied), NC-17, Drama/Romance
Summary: Buck and Ezra run into trouble on their way back to Four Corners.

In Vino Veritas
Ezra/Buck, NC-17, First Time
Summary: A drunken conversation changes everything between Ezra and Buck.

Wild Card In The Pack
Winner of the 2003 Diamond Ezzie Award for Best Old West Slash Fic - Short
Ezra/Vin, NC-17, First Time/Drama
Summary: When Ezra is forced to kill a man to save Nathan's life, things get strained within the Seven.

Ezra/Chris, R, Drama
Summary: Ezra wakes up alone and goes in search of his lover.

Ezra/?, NC-17, Dark
Summary: Time is right for someone to act.

Last Breath Of Wisdom
Ezra/Chris, R, First Time/Romance
Summary: Ezra decides to take a gamble with his heart.

Ol' Man Johnson
Ezra/Vin, PG-13, Drama
Summary: A mysterious stranger helps Ezra get back to Four Corners.

Ezra/Nathan, PG-13, First Time/Drama
Summary: Opposites do attract.



The Book Of Counted Sorrowsnew
Artwork by the amazing PattRose
Ezra/Chris, NC-17, First Time, Drama/Romance
Summary: A ghost from Ezra's past comes back into his life, leading the team into a tangle of murder and corruption that may cost Ezra's life and his future relationship with Chris.

Shades Of Greynew
Ezra/Chris, R, Drama/Romance
Summary: An undercover case goes wrong and Chris and the others have to find Ezra before it's too late.

Silent Runningnew
Ezra/Vin, R, Drama/Romance
Summary: Vin is running from the one person he needs most in his life.

Tangled Web
Previously published in Sinful Seductions #1
Ezra/Vin, Ezra/Chris, NC-17, Drama
Summary: A tragedy changes the lives of the Seven.

Ezra/Buck, NC-17, First Time/Romance
Summary: Buck gets invited to a mysterious New Year's Eve party.

Close Calls
Ezra/Chris, PG-13, First Time
Summary: Sometimes it takes a close call to put things into the right perspective.

Primal Instinct
Ezra/Chris, NC-17, First Time/Drama
Summary: When Chris is kidnpped Ezra must find him before it's too late.

Hell Or High Water
Ezra/Chris, Ezra/Vin, Chris/Buck (Implied), NC-17, First Time/Drama
Summary: Thinking he has done something terrible, Ezra tries to leave the team.

A Wonderful Christmas
Previously published in My Seducer II
Winner of the 2003 Diamond Ezzie Award for Best ATF Slash Fic - Zine Short
Ezra/Buck, PG-13, First Time/Drama
Summary: A ghost from Chris' past comes back to haunt the team, and Buck and Ezra nearly pay the price.

Darkness And Light
Ezra/Chris, NC-17, First Time/Drama
Summary: Darkness threatens to take Ezra away and it's up to the others to avoid it.

Staking A Claim
Ezra/Vin, NC-17, First Time
Summary: Vin stakes a claim on his favorite Southerner. <g>

Right Before Your Eyes
Ezra/Chris, NC-17, First Time/Drama
Summary: A simple case of blackmail rapidly turns into a dangerous case for the team.

Against All Odds
Ezra/Chris, PG, Drama/Romance
Summary: Something happens to Ezra on the way to Chris' ranch.

Love Is A Battlefield
Ezra/Chris, R, Drama/Romance
Sequel to Against All Odds
Summary: Ella Gaines comes back again to haunt the boys.

Sweet Delight
Ezra/Chris, NC-17, Romance
Sequel to Love Is A Battlefield
Summary: The chocolate syrup and whip cream scene you didn't get to read in Love Is A Battlefield. <wg>

The Devil Inside
Ezra/Vin, NC-17, First Time/Drama
Summary: Someone's obsessed with Ezra. The others have to find out who before it's too late.

A Second Chance
Ezra/Chris, PG-13, First Time/Romance
Summary: Chris gets a second chance at happiness.

For As Long As I Live
Ezra/Chris, NC-17, Drama/Romance
Sequel to A Second Chance
Summary: Someone is trying to break up Chris and Ezra's relationship.

The Three in One Series:
1. One Night In New Orleans

Ezra/Chris/Vin, NC-17, First Time
Summary: ATF agents get caught in the middle of a mysterious ritual.

2. One Day In The Wild
Ezra/Chris/Vin, NC-17, Romance
Sequel to One Night in New Orleans
Summary: The guys go on a week retreat into the wilderness.

3. One Day At The Office
Ezra/Chris/Vin, NC-17, Romance
Sequel to One Day In The Wild
Summary: Chris, Ezra and Vin have a meeting with AD Travis. 'Nuff said.



Beautiful Friendshipnew
Ezra/Chris, NC-17, First Time, Homicide Squad AU
Summary: A costume party and a murder mystery conspire to bring two men together.

Ezra/Vin, NC-17, First Time, Search & Rescue AU
Summary: Chris and Vin are on the way home in Governor Travis' plane when it crashes.

The Beginning
Ezra/Vin, NC-17, First Time, New National Crime Organization AU
Summary: Two strangers meet in a bar.

One Last Time
Ezra/Vin, NC-17, Drama, New National Crime Organization AU
Sequel to The Beginning
Summary: Someone from Vin's past comes back looking for revenge and Ezra gets caught in the middle.

Ezra/Chris, NC-17, Romance, Surprise AU
Summary: Things aren't always what they seem. <wg>

A Pirate's Heart
Winner of the 2003 Diamond Ezzie Award for Best AU Slash Fic - Medium

, NC-17, Drama/Romance, Pirate AU
Summary: An adventure in the Caribbean Seas with lots of action, owwies and romance. <g>