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Previously published in Come To Your Senses # 22
Jim/Blair, NC-17, First Time
Summary: Blair gets trapped inside a burning building.

Jim/Blair, NC-17, Drama/Romance
Summary: A man is murdered and it's up to the boys to find out why.

At Gun Point
Jim/Blair, NC-17, Humor, First Time
Summary: Um... Well, there's Jim, Blair, a gun, a bad girl... Oh, and salad oil!

Born Again
Jim/Blair, other, NC-17, First Time, Xover with PROS
Summary: Jim becomes the target of an assassin.

Jim/Blair, other, NC-17, Drama/Romance, Xover with PROS
Sequel to Born Again
Summary: An old enemy from the MC team is back and wants revenge. Innocent people get caught in the middle.

Buses and Trains
Jim/Blair, NC-17, First Time
Summary: A not so typical case for the Major Crime team.

The Devil and The Angel
Jim/Blair, NC-17, Drama/Halloween story
Summary: Be afraid, be very afraid! :-)

Written In The Stars
J/B, other, NC-17, First Time, Xover
Summary: The Stargate team needs a little help when they encounter a Sentinel in another world.

Roller Coaster Ride
J/B/S, NC-17, PWP/Romance
Summary: Jim and Blair throw a party to announce they're a couple, someone else gets a surprise gift.

Thank You For Loving Me
J/B, other, NC-17, Drama/Romance
Summary: Someone is trying to kill Rafe and MC wants to catch the culprit so Jim goes undercover.

Jim/Blair, NC-17, First Time, Drama/Romance
Summary: Blair has a nightmare and it's about to come true.

Dangerous Vacation
Previously published in Reflections of Rafe
Simon/Rafe, PG-13, Drama/Romance
Summary: Rafe and Simon plan to go on a quiet vacation together, but things don't turn out the way they planned.

Jim/Blair, NC-17, Fantasy/Romance
Summary: Blair finds out you definitely have to be careful what you wish for.

For Love Is Life
Jim/Blair, R, Vampirefic
Summary: Sometimes you have to choose what is more important; life or love.



Sentinel Two
Jim/Blair, NC-17, First Time
Summary: Blair meets another Sentinel. :-)

Paradise Lost
Jim/Blair, other, NC-17, First Time
Summary: While on a fishing trip Jim, Henri and Simon get caught by a terrible storm and drift onto a mysterious island.

Learning To Fly
Previously published in Best Of My Mongoose #1
Jim/Blair, NC-17, First Time
Summary: Jim and Stephen return to Cascade after years of being away. There they meet a very special tour guide.

My Love Is Your Love
Jim/Blair, NC-17, First Time
Summary: A singer is in danger and needs a bodyguard.

Six Months
Jim/Blair, NC-17, First Time
Summary: Jim finds himself attracted to a man for the first time in his life.

The Longest Of Days
Jim/Blair, PG-13, First Time
Summary: A crossover between the movie Speed and The Sentinel "Switchman" episode.

James Hood
Jim/Blair, NC-17, First Time
Summary: Well, It's the legend of Robin Hood and then it's not! :-)



SVS ep #7: Regrets 
Jim/Blair, NC-17
Summary: Blair and Jim travel to meet Blair's dying grandfather and get caught up in the schemes of a power hungry man.

SVS ep #11: Where The Jungle Ends
(Written as Jade. Don't ask. <g>) 
Jim/Blair, NC-17
Summary: Jim and Blair have to face a ghost from the past. Last story in a trilogy.

SVS2 ep # 6: Dark Knights 
Jim/Blair, NC-17
Summary: Jim and Blair join forces with Earl Gains to investigate a possible gang-related murder.