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* Due to RL concerns, this listing may be very long, or very short. It all depends...

  2004 Gold Ezzie Fanfiction Archive Award Winner

EBoSA now hosting 364 stories and 2 slash vids!

EBoSA is open to Gen and Slash vids! Please head on over to the video page in order to get a look at it. Encouraging feedback is much appreciated for the hardworking vidders, and if anyone has any vids, slideshows or flash animations, please tell the archivist about it!

Please be advised that this archive contains ADULT MATERIAL. If you do not know what "slash" is, GO AWAY because you obviously shouldn't be here!

Welcome to the EBoS Archive, a site devoted to wholly Ezslash works of fiction and artwork only. All Ezslash pairings - with any member of the Seven, any canon male character, original male characters, crossover male characters, any man anywhere - are welcome here. Works including non-Ezra pairings will not be archived here.

Please review the FAQ before posting to the archive. If you have questions, suggestions or problems regarding the archive, please e-mail your friendly neighborhood archivist Mre. For any list or archive content inquiries, please contact Lumina~, Ezra's Body of Slash Archive and List Owner.

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