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About Fries:
You Want Fries with That? is a collection of fanfiction specially formatted to be easily added to your PalmOS (Palm, Handspring Visor, Sony Clié, TRG Pro, Handera, IBM Workpad), Apple Newton, HP Palmtop, Psion/EPOC PDA, TI Avigo, Franklin eBookman or WinCE handheld device.

The contents of this site have been deleted.

As the technology of handheld devices has advanced, the need for a site like this has diminished. Palm devices are pretty much non-available anymore, and the ubiquitous story format has become .epub (or .mobi if you have a Kindle), instead of .pdb.

Also, most devices let you read directly off web pages, or save for offline reading to Instapaper or Pocket or some other similar site. There's also the option of saving mutiple chapter stories from archive sites with FicSavers, then converting the result with 2ePub, or - if the archive you're reading from is on their list - grabbing and converting in one swell foop at FLAG.

If I'm incorrect, and you would like access to this content returned, (or are just looking for a specific story/author that was hosted here), let me know at the email link under the banner.

The fiction at this site is not intended to infringe upon anyone's copyright. All fiction contained herein is written for fun, not profit. (More detailed disclaimers)

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02 September 2013