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After five years of wonderful stories, the monthly Mag7 Challenges are coming to an end.  The Library will remain open, and if you want to respond to any of the past challenges, please feel free to do so.    Be sure to let the writers know if you've appreciated their work by giving them feedback.  We are losing stories, links are dropping off.  If you noticing a broken link, let us know.  If you know where a lost story is located, please tell us!  We'd like to link up to any of our lost stories.  Thank you and good night.

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New Additions:
Somehow, I Know by NotTasha- January and February 2006 09/212/13

The August 2006 Challenge (the Farewell Challenge) - offered by NotTasha

Since this is our last challenge, there should be a farewell.  One of the guys has to say goodbye to someone or something.  It doesn't have to be a sad story and -- if you can put a humorous spin on it, all the better.  It cannot be a deathfic (at least not one of the Seven).  It should focus on any one of the Seven, but the One has to interact with each of the others at some point -- if not physically or verbally -- then he's got to think of each of the others at some point.

Departure - By Helen A 08/31/06
The Hardest Goodbye - By Homicidal-Genius 03/18/07
Murder in Red - By NotTasha 08/07/06

The July 2006 Challenge (the Time Challenge) - offered by Enola

How about a story where time is a deciding factor? Either it's running out or it centers around a certain day or even a timepiece...

Clockwork - By NotTasha  08/20/10
Impeccable Timing  - By Helen A 07/28/06

The June 2006 Challenge (the Reunion Challenge) - offered by Q'Mar

Life, the Universe or some awful thing have broken up the Seven, scattered them across the land, think the New Law but only for longer. But Destiny will not be denied.  All Seven have their secrets, the things that they've been up to in the intervening time. Now the hour has come for them all to be put back together as they always should have been. It's up to you if it's the OW or some other Universe, but the Seven must be removed from each other for a long while and must rebuild themselves and their team/family. The secrets they each have can help or hinder the restoration of this band of brothers.  If you're feeling adventurous please try to add any or all of these things: a calligraphy pen, two trips to the tailor (For anyone other than Ezra), three old biddies, four English Kings, five golden badges, six rolls of bandages, seven odd hats, eight Federal marshals, nine saloon gals, ten whiney kids, eleven pounds of flour, and twelve hours on the trail.

Dark Side of the Moon - By Beth B  12/03/06
The Reunion  - By Katy - KT 08/31/06
Upon the Tide - By Q'Mar not yet available online
You Reap What You Sow - By Cole1 03/18/07

The May 2006 Challenge (the Cartoon Challenge) - offered by Bern

Take your favorite cartoon character/s and make them human, then include them in a story with our fabulous guys - The Magnificent Seven.

Fun at the Fair  - By Katy - KT  05/31/06
Hunting - By Beth Green  05/07/06
Just Don't Ask   - By sablecain 05/19/06
RangTang DingDong - By Homicidal-Genius 03/18/07
Relatively Speaking - By Helen A 05/07/06
Scrambled Aches - By Beth Green  05/07/06

The April 2006 Challenge (the Western Clich� Challenge) - offered by Helen A

This month, write a story featuring Western clich�s.  White hat vs. Black hat, someone getting waylaid with a large sum of money, riding off into the sunset, an evil/stupid look-alike, a lady in distress, a winner-take-all poker game, a gunfight at high noon, a crooked sheriff.   Take your pick!   (Note, the story does not have to be set in OW, it just needs to feature at least one of the elements.)    Bonus points if you can work in the phrase: "This town ain't big enough for the both of us."

Gunfight at the LWTD Corral - By Helen A 04/22/06

The March 2006 Challenge (the Sacrifice Challenge) - offered by Katherine

March 1st, is the beginning of Lent this year.  So my challenge is would one or all of the seven annually honor a sacrifice made on their behalf?  How would they remember the events...quiet reflection, getting drunk, take care of the widow, maintain the homestead?  Would they ever tell the story?  And if they did, to who and why?  Please bear in mind that sacrifice isn't always life and death.  Sometimes it is as simple as letting another take the spotlight, taking on more than one's share of the job, anonymously fixing an error, letting someone else have the last doughnut.  Simple can be profound and meaningful too.  I leave it up to you how serious, deep or amusing you care to make it.  Bonus points if you can work in the Ash Wednesday, Lent, Easter, and Lily (the traditional flower for this time of year).

One Stone  - By Katy - KT 03/31/06
A Taste of Home - By Helen A 03/31/06

The February 2006 Challenge (the Challenge of Forgetting) - offered by TwylaJane

A theme fic is what is desired. Forgetfulness.  Mentally preoccupied with things other than the tasks at hand.  Mind you there must be consequences whether large or small.  Can anything from drama to humor.  Any AU that is open

From A to B - By Katy - KT 03/22/06
Numb - By TwylaJane not available online
Somehow, I Know by NotTasha09/212/13

The January 2006 Challenge (the Reflection Challenge) - offered by AngelaB

Okay guys, 2005 is finally behind us. A new year brings with it a feeling of freshness and hopes of  a new beginning of some kind. So here is the challenge: Pick an AU (one you have permission to write in) and a character (or all of them). Have them reflect on  the worse thing that went wrong in the previous year. ex: maybe Josiah's suburban was used during a missile test, they busted the wrong person, or someone wound up in the hospital repeatedly...whatever, and then have them reflecting on what they want to accomplish in the coming year. Long or short, comical or sad. Bring it on. All will be read and enjoyed.

Old Wounds, New Hope - By Angela B 01/28/06
To Better Days Ahead - Helen A01/25/06
Numb - By TwylaJane not available online
Somehow, I Know by NotTasha09/212/13
A Year in Perspective - By Tapestri 01/15/06
Year's End, Year's Start - By Katy - KT 02/20/06

The December 2005 Challenge (the Christmas Gathering Challenge) - offered by Violette

The guys all have plans to meet for Christmas, but fate is conspiring against them.  You can focus on one or all of the guys, but each of them must be included at some point, and each must have some kind of trouble getting to their Christmas celebration.  It can be humorous or serious (or both!).  Bonus points if you include fruitcake, eggnog, Yule log, snowman, chestnuts, and sleigh bells.

Christmas Delay - By Linda (LT) 01/05/06
Frisbys and Fruitcake - By NotTasha  12/24/09
Giving and Receiving - Helen A 12/29/05
Seven - By Tonny 12/25/05

The November 2005 Challenge (the Turkey Challenge) - offered by Sablecain

This month's challenge is to use the traditional Thanksgiving trappings in non traditional forms and ways. In other words, lets see Turkey and stuffing--ANY definition of turkey and stuffing-- but no cooked birds or Stove top allowed (unless the box is being used to prop up a table leg or something).  Throw in as many Thanksgiving related things as possible, pilgrims, indian corn, family gatherings, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie but remember NONE of it can be used traditionally! (heaven help me what you'll do with Cranberry sauce) Any open AU! Bonus: throw in a whiffle ball (or baseball/stick ball, etc if OW)

Inmate 78 - By sablecain 01/14/06
Practical Joke - By Tonny 11/25/05
Turkey Lurkey - By NotTasha 11/10/09
A Turkey What? - By Tapestri 11/19/05
Weekend Duty - By Katy - KT 11/22/05

The October 2005 Challenge (the Ghost Story Challenge) - offered by J Brooks

Tell us a ghost story.   Halloween is coming up, so let your imagination run amok.  Give us ghosties and ghoulies and long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night.  Heck, if you didn't finish last month's challenge, give us the Ghosts of the Confederacy.  Just scare us up a good story!  If you need some inspiration, here are a few good ghost story sites:

Guardian Angels - By Tonny  11/13/05  
Illuminating the Darkness - By Katy - KT 10/31/05
Inmate 78 - By sablecain 01/14/06
An October Tale - By NotTasha 10/16/05
Uncle Ezra's Halloween - Helen A 10/30/05

The September 2005 Challenge (the Episode Title Challenge) - offered by Katy

Take the title of one of the original episodes and write a fic that fits the title but isn't a reworking of the original plot, any AU.  Here's the list to save you looking them up :0):  Ghosts of the Confederacy - One Day Out West - Working Girls - Safecracker - Witness - Nemesis - The Collector - Manhunt - Inmate 78 - The New Law - Sins Of The Past - Love And Honor - Vendetta - Wagon Train - The Trial - Chinatown - Achilles - Lady Killers - Penance - Obsession - Serpents

Ghosts of the Confederacy - By Beth Green 09/24/05
Inmate 78 - By sablecain 01/14/06  
Love and Honor - By Wildcard 09/11/05
Manhunt  - By Wildcard 09/15/05
The New Law - By NotTasha 09/27/05
Obsession - Helen A 09/12/05
One Day Out West - Helen A 09/15/05
Penance  - Helen A 01/14/06  
Penance - By BM 05/24/08
Sins of the Past - Helen A 09/22/05
The Trial - By Katy - KT 09/16/05
Vendetta - By Helen A  02/15/07
Wagon Train - Helen A 09/30/05

The 4th Anniversary Challenge: offered by NotTasha
Now, last year was a bust.  As of today, no one has answered it, and that makes me sad.  So this year will be easy (compared to the last three) - and different -- I'm not asking you to combine past challenges!  But... feel free to use any of the past year's challenges as a starting point.  Anything from September 2004-August 2005 (including the RoundUp).  The number FOUR is prominent in this challenge.  

1) At least four of the guys must play important roles.  The other three can be in there, but the focus should be on four of them.

2) The story must take place in Four Corners.  Whether that means you write OW, or that AU guys visit a certain monument on the borders of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorful Colorado, or some other place known as "Four Corners"... that's your decision, but the action must involve Four Corners.

3) you must use five of the following words: Four, For (that one should be easy), Fore (or any word that starts with fore-), Fourth, Forth, Foray, Forlorn, Forage, Forever, Forbid, Forgive, Forget, Formidable 

4) one of the following devices must be important to the story:  a Forklift (or a pitchfork), a Fort, a Fortune Teller, Forty-eight hours, "For Whom the Bell Tolls", Four- of- a- Kind, a Four Leaf Clover, a Four-poster Bed or the Fourth Amendment -- you can use only ONE.

(BONUS)  We have no stories that start with Y or Z... and hardly any that start with Q or X.  That causes me grief when I look at the Titles Section of our challenge stories.  So, see if you can make your title start with Q, X, Y or Z. 

Zaltana's Prediction - By Helen A

The August 2005 Challenge (the Defenestration Challenge) - offered by MonicaM - the Tortuga!

All right, y'all. This month's challenge is of the "I didn't know they had a word for that!" variety. This is what happens when I'm given a word a day calendar! <g>  Defenestration: n: a throwing of a person or thing out of a window.  So let's hurl one, or more, of the guys out of a window. Maybe it's even one of the others who does the hurling. Bonus points for actually using the word defenestration and my other new favorite word, frigorific (adj: causing cold, chilling) in the story.

A Curious Game - By NotTasha 08/18/05
The Defenestration Provision - By Helen W  09/05/05
Escape - By Katy - KT 09/07/05
Penance  - Helen A 01/14/06
Penance - By BM 05/24/08
Transitions - By Kayim 09/07/05

The July 2005 Challenge (the Save the Day Challenge) - offered by Rowan

It's time to get the guys out of the water and into the desert - in the middle of July - injured - always got to have an injury.  Any one or all of the guys can be injured and the rest, or the one, needs to save the day.   Any AU, etc.

Ace High - Helen A  07/31/05
Desert Run MonicaM 08/09/05
Desert Training - By Katy - KT 08/09/05
Four Corners of Paradise - By Kim 08/25/05
Hangman - By Heather F 07/09/05
Running - By NotTasha  07/09/05  
Tales not Told - By Katherine 07/09/05

The June 2005 Challenge (the Superpowers Challenge) - offered by Kayim

Write a story in which one or more of the boys develops some kind of superpower (like telepathy, invisibility, flight, that kind of thing).   The only condition is that the universe the story is set in cannot already be a sci-fi / fantasy based one.  For example, Old West or ATF is fine; Star Trek or a Vampire one is not.  Bonus points for coming up with a scientific-sounding explanation for the super powers!

Coming Together  - By Katy - KT 07/12/05
Consider the Possibilities  - By NotTasha  07/04/05
The Great Unknown - By Beth B 06/29/05
Look to Your Left, Mr. Larabee - By Bernadette 03/26/07
Metamorphosis - By Kayim 06/30/05 no longer available online

The RoundUp Challenge 2005 (the River Challenge): offered by NotTasha

A river must figure in your story.  The guys can go down a river, a creek, a stream ... a canal?  Whether they're in a boat, a rubber raft, an inner-tube or just swimming, it's up to you.  They can even be riding, driving, walking alongside the river.  But the journey along the waterway must be a part of the story.  It could even be a man-made "wild river ride" at a water park.  The story must contain at least one of the following items:  a traffic ticket, nachos, an overloaded vehicle, a ghost town, or obnoxious singing .  You must use five of the following words:  roadway (or Rodeway), cracker, soliloquy, pistachio, devil, simple, bobble or bauble, topography, maelstrom and/or  freakish.  The story should be under 5,000 words. 

Fishbait - By J. Brooks 06/10/05
The River Wild - By Violette  06/23/05
Solitude - By Angela B 07/24/05
Someone's Lifesavings - By NotTasha  06/08/05
Summer Misadventure - By Kim 06/12/05
Swooshed Away - By Katy - KT 06/13/05
They Came to Help - By sablecain 06/15/05
The Time of my Life: One Thing - By TwylaJane 07/05/05
What the River Knows - By DebraM and MonicaM 06/27/05

The May 2005 Challenge (the Number Challenge) - offered by Carole

Write a story in which a number plays a significant part.  Could be a date, age, measurement, monetary amount, address, phone number, zip code, post office box number, etc...   Any open AU or OW.  Drama, humor, h/c, angst, your choice!  Bonus points if Ezra has an important role in the story!

Bidder 77 - By Katherine 05/06/05
Five Forty Five - By Bernadette 03/15/07
Odds and Evens  - By Katy - KT 06/07/05  
P is For - By Helen A 06/07/05

The April 2005 Challenge (the Mystery Challenge) - offered by Jesfrealo

Write a story where a mystery plays a key role in the story.  Have one or any combination of the guys be the detective(s).  It can be funny or serious and in any open universe.  Extra points if you make an unusual pair of the guys work together to figure out the mystery (so not Chris and Vin or Buck and JD...).  Have fun!!

The Case of the Golden Blooms  - By Katy - KT 04/30/05
Deciphering - By NotTasha 04/23/05 
Inmate 78 - By sablecain 01/14/06
A Murder Hunt -  By Bernadette  04/20/08 
A Murder Mystery -  By Bernadette 10/15/05
Mystery in the Snow - By Wildcard 04/01/05
Mystery of the Missing Post-It Notes - By Kayim 04/24/05 
P is For - By Helen A 06/07/05
Trust  - By Helen A 04/18/05

The March 2005 Challenge (the Half Pound of Chocolate Challenge) - offered by Gail (ShipsCat)

Forget about Swiss chocolate! Dump your Belgian goodies down the toilet. Godiva? God save us! American and British chocolates are out of their league! The best chocolate in the world is FINNISH FAZER BLUE :-)  Extra brownie points if the color blue is used and the word 'Fazer'.  Any universe, any characters - though I am more fond of ATF (hint hint)

Chocolate Phasers - By Debra Baschal 03/28/05
The Easter Bunny Cometh  - By Helen A 03/27/05
Easter Gifts - By Katy - KT 03/31/05
Fazer Favors - By Beth Green 04/09/05
March 05 Challenge Answer - By Heather F 03/31/05
Only the Finest - By Carole 03/31/05
PQL: The Slow Season - By NotTasha 03/16/05 

The February 2005 Challenge (the Love Challenge) - offered by Helen A

Since February is the month of Valentine's Day, let us play with the theme of love.  Not the happily-ever-after variety, though.  We've seen that cupid is not exactly kind to these guys, so write a story featuring one of the following (Or mix them all if you're feeling ambitious!):  An unrequited love or secret crush, a jealous suitor out for one of the guys' blood, or one or more of the Seven playing match-maker for one of the others. Bonus points if Josiah plays an important role.  That poor guy just does not get enough to do!

A Brand New Day - By Helen A 02/27/05
Diablo  - By Heather F 03/12/05
First Love - By Katy - KT 03/12/05
It's All in How You Play It - By NotTasha 02/14/05 
Saint Valentine Got it Wrong - By Kayim 02/14/05 
Too Much To Ask - By DoggyJ 04/07/05

The January 2005 Challenge (the Euphemism Challenge) - offered by Katherine

I've always enjoyed euphemisms.  They let you say what you want to say without really saying it.  And many are decidedly colorful. Someone isn't stupid..."He's just not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree." 0r "not the sharpest tool in the shed."  "If gunpowder were brains he wouldn't have enough to blow his nose."  It will be easy...."Right.  Like herding cats."  or  "Like trying to nail jello to a tree."  He's not old, but the rocks were still cooling when he was young."  No so green he glows, but he's still the same shade as grass.  In one episode Vin even uses one "It'll be as easy as licking butter off a knife."  So my challenge is this.  Write a story in which euphemisms figure prominently....Open the story with one or end it with one, sprinkle them liberally through the story if you like, just be sure to incorporate at least one in it somewhere.  Bonus points if all the boys manage to use one.  Extra bonus points (hey they are worth a lot people) if you successfully incorporate a euphemism I haven't heard before.  :-)

Horsing Around - By Beth Green 01/09/05
Like the Dead - By NotTasha 01/29/05
Rainy Day - By Katherine 01/23/05
Sunday Lunch - By Katy - KT 01/25/05
To Read, or Not to Read - By Helen A 01/12/05
Turk and Clan - By Heather F 01/10/05

The December 2004 Challenge (the Hurt them All Challenge) - offered by Beth B

I would love to see the guys (all seven) or as close to it as you can come, in a desperate situation--I mean desperate! Either all seven are hurt, or it can be anything from blood blisters trapped under fingernails to exhausting every nurse and doctor at the local hospital (they don't have to have the same injury, LOL). Any time of year, any AU (as long as it's open)...but bonus points for using The green-river-killer and stocking stuffer in the same sentence!  

Christmas with St. Thomas  - By Katy - KT  02/24/05
Oh Yea! The Holidays - By Angela B 01/09/05
Prisoner Transport - By Heather F 05/31/05  
The Result of Mischief - By The Chronicler 05/21/05  
Superbird  - By Beth B 05/10/05  
To a Year Less Exciting - By NotTasha 12/29/04

The November 2004 Challenge (the Thanksgiving Challenge) - offered by Heather F

The seven unexpectedly get to spend Thanksgiving together as a group. It doesn't have to be for a thanksgiving meal or for a jolly good time.  They could be in a bind (as in caught by bad guys) and all seven end up caught;   They could be doing their own thing on Thanksgiving and end up at the same place. It can be any scenario you want. YOUR DECISION. Only requirement is that they are together unplanned, for Thanksgiving day AND the line "Oh I see that you made it..." is used.  In any context you want. Any AU

Finding Trust -  By Monica 11/24/07   
Keeping Things in Perspective  - By Katy - KT 12/01/04
Mortal Blow - By Beth B 02/13/05
Oh Yea! The Holidays - By Angela B 01/09/05  
PQL: Trade Off - By NotTasha 11/25/04
Traditions Shared - By sablecain 11/28/04
Unexpected Company - By Helen A 12/01/04

The October 2004 Challenge (the Gift Challenge): offered by Tipper
One (or more) of the Seven leaves another one of the Seven a gift (i.e. the gift-giver doesn't hand it over, the receiver finds it left somewhere for him).  It can be anything -- large, small, a joke, something meaningful, something scary (it is the month of Halloween after all), something smelly or even something sweet.  Rules are: (1) the receiver is alone when he finds/receives the gift, (2) the title of the story must include the word "Gift" and (3) you must use one of the following words: pumpkin, witch, monster, candy, trick, treat.  BONUS: I double dog dare you to try and use the words "googlism" (I dare NT in particular to use that in an OW fic!) and "abstruse" (just cause it's a cool word).  See Beth G's wonderful ode to the word "abstruse"

Ezra's Box - By Angela B 10/19/04
Fools with Dreams - By sablecain
Gift of the Ninja - By MonicaM 10/17/04
A Gift of Patience - By NotTasha 10/18/04
Healing with a Gift  - By Katy - KT 11/09/04
No Greater Gift - By Yolande 10/19/04
Rainy Day Gift - By Helen A10/24/04
A Witch's Gift  - By Heather F 10/31/04 

The September Challenge 2004 (the First Meeting Challenge): offered by Helen W
What I'd like to see are stories which explore events which are pivotal in establishing the standard canon/fanon relationships amongst the guys.  This can be initial meetings or critical early encounters.  I've never seen a really good explanation of HOW Chris and Vin became close, for example.  I prefer the ATF universe, but any would be fine.

The Connection  - By Q'Mar 09/30/05
The Connection, Flip Side - By Q'Mar 01/03/2006
Dunne Deal - By Helen W 09/13/04
Ezra's Box - By Angela B 10/19/04
First Day Encounters - By Katy - KT 09/25/04
Out of Order   - By Tipper 04/10/05
PQL:  Time on our Side - By NotTasha 09/24/04
Serendipity -  By Jesfrealo 09/16/04
Three Questions - By Helen A

The 3rd Anniversary Challenge: offered by NotTasha
Because we're on year number three, there will be only three elements to this one.  You have ONE YEAR to respond.

1) You must combine two challenges from the past year PLUS one more challenge from the previous years.  Yes, a total of THREE challenges must be included in this response. Two of the challenges must be from the September 2003 - August 2004 season, and the third must come from somewhere between September 2001 and August 2003. Got it?  THREE

2) It must center on three of the guys.  The others can be there, but three of them will play the central roles.

3) You must include these elements:  One of the following props must be in your story, and it must have an important role in that story:  a box of hammers, not enough money, a three legged dog, an ugly lamp,  a tooth, a damaged roof, a church steeple, a pot of chili, or something itchy -- only ONE!  -- and, you must include at least five of the following words:  coffee, figure, cowboy, hustle, regard, portmanteau, lethargic, leather, minute, pour (or pore)

The August Challenge 2004 (the Song Challenge): offered by J Brooks
Write us a story inspired by a song. I don't know about anybody else, but I have a whole list of tunes I associate with the boys and their adventures. Let's compare Magnificent soundtracks! You don't have to use the lyrics in the story -- we're not looking for songfic here -- but please do include the lyrics at the end of the fic, with due credit.

Advice - By Linda (LT) 09/13/04
Bad Moon on the Rise - By Heather F 09/05/04 
The Beloved Mrs. Potter - By Angela B 08/14/04
Bless the Broken Road - By Lady Catherine 09/25/04  No longer available online
Blue - By Twyla Jane 09/05/04 
The Connection  - By Q'Mar not yet available online
Departure - By Helen A 08/31/06  
The Devil's Hand - By NotTasha 08/31/04
Escape: Circuit - By DeathSprite 07/11/05
Escape: Cold - By DeathSprite 04/02/05  
Escape: Dark - By DeathSprite 05/25/05  
Escape: Playground - By DeathSprite 04/25/05
Escape: Roads - By DeathSprite 03/21/05 
An Extra Savoir-Faire - By NotTasha 08/10/04
Facts About Cats  - By NotTasha 08/24/04
Far From Home - By Tess 01/09/05  
The Fight Goes On - By Katy - KT 08/31/04
Halleluiah - By Beth B 09/16/04  
Legacy Jesfrealo 09/03/04 
Midnight Train - By BM 05/15/08 
The One that Got Away - By Helen A 09/01/04
Replaced  - By Heather F 10/06/04
Southern Accents - By MonicaM 08/24/04
Sunset - By Helen A  09/01/04
Time to Dance - By Beth Green 08/23/04
Trouble - By Tipper 08/08/04
Where Are You, Christmas? - By Jiggs 08/21/04
Why Georgia? - By sablecain 08/30/04

The July Challenge 2004 (the Western Crossover): offered by Katy
Write a crossover  with another western series. Maybe Rowdy and Gil bring the cattle drive to town. What would happen if Hays and Curry - Alias Smith and Jones - came to town? Lancer, High Chaparral, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, How the West Was Won, Wagon Train, Wild Wild West, The Virginian, Casey Jones, Paradise, Young Riders - what ever and those are just of the top of my head and I'm a Brit! It doesn't have to be Old West, there's The Yellow Rose or MacCloud, for example or you could bring the cross over show characters into an existing M7 AU or make a whole new AU.

Bearing the Pain - By Angela B 10/01/04
Desert Odyssey - By Katy 08/14/04
Four Corners of the Ponderosa - By Tipper 09/01/04
The Midnight Star - By NotTasha 07/31/04
Rin Tin Tin and the Magnificent Seven - By Gail (Shipscat) 08/06/04
Trouble A'Brewing - By Linda (LT) 08/21/04

The June Challenge 2004 (the Lost Child Challenge): offered by Q'Mar
A lost child brings up memories and emotions for several members of the Seven as they search for the little one, both as individuals and as a group. You are welcome to include any other Cannon characters that you wish, even encouraged to do so! A moderate or long story if you please. Try to include candy, a cape, too much sun, a bedtime story, sweet potatoes, and a fancy clock.

Bearing the Pain - By Angela B 10/01/04
The Cure  - By J. Brooks  09/3/10
I Will Carry You - By Q'Mar 06/31/04
Not Kidding Around  - By Beth Green 07/16/04
Something Solid to Stand On - By NotTasha 06/27/04
Up the Water Spout - By Tipper 06/22/04

The RoundUp Challenge 2004 (the Road Trip Challenge): offered by NotTasha
The guys are on a long journey -- whether it is by car, horse, wagon, train, plane, boat -- you get the picture.  The story must have at least two of our guys.  The story must be about their journey: something that  happens along the way, the process of continuing the trek, the problems with close contact for so long -- whatever works for you.  AND, it must contain at least one of the following:  a dam, a painfully posed photograph, a badly performed show, a magnificent waterfall, illegal swimming or a search for breakfast food.  It must contain the following words:  canyon, cowboy, optimist, gabby and akimbo ..... One more thing. The story should be under 5,000 words.
Want to see what our adventures looked like?  You may be too squeamish for some of the images... we're an odd lot:

Cornwell to London - By Katy 06/15/04
Montezuma's Revenge  - By J. Brooks 06/15/04
Oh the Joys - By Angela B 05/29/04
Trouble Times Two - By Violette 05/29/04
The Upper Hand - Tijuana Jail 4: On the Road Again - By TwylaJane 05/29/04

The May 2004 Challenge (the Word Challenge): offered by Lady Catherine
Write a story in which the boys discover the magic in a word or words- for better or for worse.  Now, I don't mean that they have to sit around and have an English discussion about the meaning of a word.  It could be a discussion or a feeling or a realization or a memory or anything.  This challenge is in celebration of the magic of the written or spoken word!

Brothers - By sablecain 06/27/04  
By Their Words You Shall Know Them - Beth Green 07/10/04  
Conscwhatever - By Helen W 06/14/04
How to Torture an Eternal Optimist - By Tipper 05/05/04
Literally Speaking - By NotTasha 05/07/04
Next! - By Beth B 05/08/04
One Little Word - By Katy 06/03/04
The Power of Words - By Angela B 05/06/04
Stopover in a Place of Quiet Truth - By Helen A 05/27/04
What's in a Word? - By Tipper 05/01/04

The April 2004 Challenge (the Who's Who Challenge): offered by Lily of the West
For this one, I want you to get the boys all mixed up! Write a story in which at least one guy poses as / or is mistaken for at least one of the others. You can include as few or as many guys as you want. Comedy, drama, mayhem, tearjerkers...the why and how of this mistaken identity mix-up is all up to you. Let your imaginations go wild. You may use any open AU and write any length story.  Oh, P.S.: Lily luvs animals, so for a big fat bonus points and cyberkiss, include an animal in the story (other than a horse!)

Amateur Night - By Katy 05/04/04
Brothers - By sablecain 06/27/04  
Dead Man's Pass - By Beth B 04/27/04
In Black - By NotTasha 04/18/04
Like Father - By Lady Catherine No longer available online
Miss Communication  - By Angela B 05/06/04
Will the Real Vin Tanner - By Carole 04/29/04

The March 2004 Challenge (the Keepsake Challenge): offered by Celesta SunStar
One of the Seven has a new keepsake, (such as a keychain or a good luck charm they keep in their pocket.)  What is the keepsake, and the story behind it.  At least one of the remaining Seven needs to know/hear the story.  Random Bonus Words (any/all) : Green, Gold, Rabbit, George, Bagpipes, Scotland, Clover, Heritage

Chris' Box - By Angela B 03/23/04
Form and Function - By Katy 04/07/04
Frogs in a Kettle - By sablecain 03/28/04
Keepsakes - By Katherine  
Life's Tokens - By Twyla Jane 03/16/04
Perspectives - By Tipper  - 05/06/04
Purple Hearts - By Beth B 03/15/04
Remembrancer - By Libby 07/30/04   not available online
Something Tangible - By Yolande 03/28/04
Tin - By NotTasha 03/27/04
Treasure Box - By Helen A 03/28/04

The February  2004 Challenge (the Bored Guys Challenge): offered by Yolande
From time to time during the series we saw the guys acting a little bit childish or downright silly � Okay maybe not all, but I�m sure they did when we couldn�t see them. (G) They knew how to joke and muck around � Come on, they weren�t ALWAYS serious.  I want you to write a story that shows us what the boys get up to when they�re not saving the town or off rescuing a village�when they�ve got far, far too much spare time on their hands.  What sort of pranks, tricks, mischief and general mayhem do they get up to and who do they target?    You can use any number of pranksters and victims - hehe. Any AU or OW.  Go for it!

Finding Wisdom - By Katy 02/15/04
Hypothetical Question - By Helen A 03/03/04 
King of the Con - By Jesfrealo03/10/04 
Mischief - By The Chronicler 05/21/05  
Payback - By Beth B 03/10/04 
Traveling Weight - By NotTasha 02/29/04
Wardrobe Malfunction - By Helen A 05/15/06
Wee Small Hours - By sablecain 02/27/04

The ABC Fic...Xanadu! - FINISHED!  01/31/04

The January 2004 Challenge (the Sports Challenge): offered by Helen A
We often see the Seven at work but this time I would like to see them at play. In whatever open Universe you like, put those competitive spirits, strategic minds and well-muscled bods to good use and show me at least two of the guys involved in a sporting event, game or contest - anything, as long as it's physical: ie, a tug-o-war would qualify; a poker tournament would not.

Beginner's Luck - By sablecain 01/27/04
A Game of Chance - By Helen A  01/24/04
Home of the Brave - By NotTasha  01/17/04
The Hunt - By Heather F 04/27/04 
A League of Their Own - By Joy K 01/17/04
Live and Let Diet - By Helen A and Karen Fedderly 01/31/04
Play Ball - By Helen 05/08/08
Revenge and Childish Things - By Katy 02/02/04
Swift Kick - By Beth B
The Test Match - By Tipper unfinished

The December 2003 Challenge (the Holiday Challenge): offered by Sablecain
'Tis the season to be jolly...or something like that!  Your fic can have as many of the guys as you choose, take place in any AU (that's open of course), and be either jolly or not so jolly but it must include the following: A seasonal/Christmas party, a spiked drink, faulty decorations/Christmas lights, and at least one of the seven in their underwear, long johns, get the idea.

Aftermath - By Helen A 12/01/03
Holiday Happenings - By Angela B 12/06/03
So Far From Home - By NotTasha 12/24/03
Tis the Season to be Jolly - By TwylaJane 12/06/03 
Tree Fall - By Katy - KT 12/11/03

The November 2003 Challenge (the Children Challenge): offered by Gunny
I want a story involving one or three of the boys and a group of children.  They can be any age, and for any reason.  A large empty space (cave, warehouse, pit, stage, etc. ) has to be closely involved.  And to be a little more evil include an African Safari animal, a Native American, or a Marquee (big circus tents: white, four sided with tassels.) for bonus points.  Good luck!

Chris "the Charmer" Larabee - By Lady Catherine updated 03/10/04  No longer available online

A Day Away - By NotTasha 11/19/03
Dust Bunnies and Other Ferocious Critters - By Twyla Jane 01/03/05
Jupiter - By Celesta Sun Star 12/02/03  
Not My Kids - By The Chronicler unfinished
The Snow Shaker - By KT 12/01/03
Wee Small Hours - By sablecain 02/27/04

The October 2003 Challenge (the Chase Challenge): offered by Violette
One or more of the boys must be involved in a chase. They also must, at some point in the story, use a minimum of 3 different forms of transportation (horse, car, rollerblades, elephant, bicycle, airplane, etc...) Note: Walking/running doesn't count as transportation :-) You must also include at least two of the following words:  chocolate, barefoot, pillow, blackberry, glue, tree, purple, cat.

Catch Manny - By Tipper 12/07/03
Greater Things - By NotTasha 10/22/03
The Hunt - By Heather F 04/27/04 
Inmate 78 - By sablecain 01/14/06
Keeping Score - By Twyla Jane 03/17/04 
Seeing the Elephant - By J. Brooks 02/24/04
TARDIS Chase - By Enola 06/15/04  
When Things Go Wrong - By Gunny 10/05/03

The September 2003 Challenge (the Teddy Bear Challenge): offered by Setcheti
Write a story that somehow involves one of the guys with a teddy bear or other stuffed toy of your choosing.  The toy does not have to be the focus of the story, but it should have at least some significance. Any AU is acceptable. Have fun!

The Bear - By The Chronicler 09/10/03
The Bear Facts - By Enola  
Buck's Before Box - By Angela B 09/10/03
Boxed Memories - By Chronicler of Knuckles 04/29/04  
Can't Let Go - By Leslie 01/02/04
The Care Bears - By Helen A 09/30/03
Encumbered - By J. Brooks  07/04/05
Ephemeral - By NotTasha09/07/03
Four Corners Academy - By Tipper complete 03/10/04
Happy Birthday, Vin Tanner - By Gunny 09/07/03
Jupiter - By Celesta Sun Star 12/02/03  
Just a Moment - By The Chronicler 09/05/03
No Good Going Back - By KT11/01/03  
The Simple Things - By Lady Catherine 11/15/03   No longer available online
The Teddy Bear Caper - By Amy Denton  
Undone - By TwylaJane 01/24/03   

The 2nd Anniversary Challenge:  offered by NotTasha
You have until the end of August 2004 to respond. All of the following elements must be part of the story in some manner or another:

1) Since it is our second anniversary, the number TWO becomes important. The story must deal with the guys in pairs. Break them all down into twos. Yes, they are an odd-numbered lot, aren't they? That means you'll have to swap the guys around. Try to keep them always in twos. You CAN have more than two together in a scene if you must, but the extras must play a very minor role in that scene. You can write a story that focuses on just one pair, but the others must also appear somewhere.

2) Someone will do something twice -- I know that sounds lame, but you must deal with it;

3) Once again, it must combine two of last year's challenges! From Sept 2002-Aug 2003 i.e. An original female character loses one of the guy's horses; A poetic journey to Las Vegas (yes, that challenge is included); Bones snapping while a relative pays a visit; A mythical tempest. You know the drill, take the entire challenge from TWO months and put them together, including everything the previous challengers insisted on;

4) It must contain five of the following words (you only need to use five, you CAN use more if you choose): pair (or pare), lumpy, flip, dubious, luggage, barter, shoo, doubt, mangle, bicker;

5) It must contain ONE of the following props (only ONE) and the item should be important to the story: a bottle filled with something unknown, a wagon with a broken wheel/car with a flat tire, a ridiculous coat, a wedding invitation, a leaky bucket, too few boots (or shoes), an incriminating note, an empty jail cell, marbles, OR a quagmire. ONLY ONE, dammit!

6) At some point one of the guys should utter a well known quote

7) Okay, I know that #7 caused grief last time, so in honor of the number Seven, and since I've already stipulated that you need to break the guys into twos, I want one magnificent scene with all seven of them at the end -- silhouetted against the sunset, bitching at a bar, relaxing in the shade, recovering in the hospital... whatever. They must all be together at the final scene.

Second Guessing - By Q'Mar  unfinished
Time Flies - By NotTasha 02/17/04

The August 2003 Challenge (The Mythology Challenge): offered by Tipper
In any universe you want, take any myth or legend, whether it be Greek, Norse, Native American, Chinese or even a modern one, like an urban legend, and retell the story with our boys. Have them live it. Now, I don't mean describing JD killing a lion in ancient Greece and wearing the pelt around his shoulders like Hercules (though that'd be pretty funny), I only mean for you to take the basic plot of the myth and modernize it, or westernize it, as the case may be. So long as the myth or legend is recognizable, that's enough. BONUS - a number of us saw Anthony Starke spout an unintentionally hilarious line on his ep of Brisco County Jr. If you can have Ezra say this line in your story, you win a gold star! The line (and thanks Steph!) was "Let me at him, pop, I can take him!" Good luck!

The Call - By Lady Catherine No longer available online
For the Best - By Heather F 09/21/03
Frog in a Kettle - By sablecain 03/28/04  
The Greenie - By Wildcard (aka Scotty Scot) 09/29/03  
Not Answering Questions - By DeathSprite 09/02/04 
Odyssey - By TwylaJane 09/14/03  
The Race - By Tipper 09/15/03   
The Right Thing to Do - By Katy (KT) 08/12/03
The Shield of Gelert - By NotTasha 08/25/03
Spirit Bay - By TexasAries 08/28/03
Torn Between Two Loves - By Enola 11/07/03 
Unintentional Trespass - By Katy (KT) 08/31/03

The July 2003 Challenge (The Mother Nature Challenge): offered by TwylaJane
Show me Mother Nature, at her best, her worst, the raw elements must figure into the storyline almost like a character unto itself. Whether it is heavy rain showers, twisters, flash floods, heat waves, hurricanes, mud slides, earthquakes, fish falls, plague of locust or even a blizzard the choice is yours.

Adrift - By Nightowl  02/24/04
Bad Weather - By NotTasha 07/13/03
The Big Blow -  By Beth Green 09/08/07  
A Betting Man - By Tipper 07/31/03
Deluge - By Heather F 08/03/03
Destiny's Fire - By TexasAries 07/30/03
Down Came the Rain - By Katy (KT) 07/30/03
Half Baked - By Twyla Jane 07/11/03 
The Hunt - By Heather F 04/27/04 
In his Own Tongue - By Beth B 07/31/03
On the Rooftop - By Setcheti 09/15/03  
River Run - By Angela B 07/15/03
Sanctuary - By Helen A 09/21/03 
Snow Angels - By Lady Catherine No longer available online
Storm Coming - By Enola 10/27/03
The Tempest - By Helen A 04/18/06
Wet - Skinwalkers AU - By Leslie 08/01/03
Williwaw  - By Libby 07/26/04

The 24-Hour Challenge #4: offered by SuBethJimBobAnother 24 hour challenge -- 5 Responses updated 08/19/03

The June 2003 Challenge (the 'Meet the Parents' Challenge): offered by Katherine
Of the boys, we know about Ezra's mother, Vin's mother, JD's mother, Buck's mother.... Josiah's father, Nathan's mother and father, and not a thing about Chris' parents. What I want is a story that fills in some details on the missing parents or even the ones that we do know something about. Our boys weren't hatched from eggs, and I want to know something about the people who brought them into this world (Figuratively speaking) Can be the guys just talking about how they didn't know their fathers, or reminiscing about some fond memory of their mothers. Or you can take it upon yourself to create an original character and fill in the details that way. I don't care which one of the boys you pick, or what AU you choose. Any or all is acceptable. Have fun.

Adult Conversations - By Setcheti 06/29/03
The Birth Certificate - By Michelle Naylor (Gypsy) unfinished
Caroline's Corner - By Q'Mar updated 02/10/04
The Diary of Kitty Standish - By Lady Catherine 06/15/03 No longer available online
F'nbeast - By Beth B 07/22/03
Father's Day Memories - By AceofSpades773 06/16/03
Father's Day Messages - By Enola 10/26/03
Father's Day Sinners - By Katy (KT) 06/08/03
Father's Day, Tornados and Tigers (ATF) - By Heather F 06/18/03
The First Con - By Angela B 06/07/03
Frog in a Kettle - By sablecain 03/28/04 
Imperfect Thoughts - By Twyla Jane 06/08/03 
Knowing What You Don't - By Libby 06/25/03
The Legacy: Family - By Leslie 07/13/03
Lost at Sea - By Tipper 06/09/03
Small Sacrifices - By J. Brooks 01/03/04
Silent Memories - By Violette 07/15/03
Sometimes I Wonder - By NotTasha 06/17/03
To Family - By Katherine 06/06/03

The 24-Hour Challenge #3: offered by TwylaJane
This is something we haven't done for a while, but it's BACK! Out of the Blue, every so often, a 24-hour challenge will be offered. Once the writer reads the challenge, they MUST respond to it within 24-hours. 13 Responses updated 08/19/03

The May 2003 Challenge (the Bone-Snapping/Doctor, my Eyes Challenge): offered by Heather F
Write a story, any AU, in which one of the guys breaks a bone. It doesn't have to be a long bone, or a weight bearing can be a toe (toes don't get enough respect....especially when they go snap....) or a finger....or, ....well teeth aren't technically bones...but if you must break one of those that's ok too (those hurt a great deal and people look funny .... and a nose isn't technically a bone either but they hurt in the most incredible manner.....AND/OR 2) With this quote in mind....write a story in any AU...."(Doctor,) my eyes have seen the years, And the slow parade of fears without crying, Now I want to understand, I have done all that I could To see the evil and the good without hiding You must help me if you can...." -- Jackson Browne (Doctor my Eyes...)

Broken - By Lady Catherine 5/14/03 No longer available online
Brothers - By sablecain 06/27/04  
Day 6; Day 7; Day 8; Day 9; Day 10 - By TwylaJane 05/07/03-5/19/03
Eyes of Pain - By Enola 10/24/03
F'nbeast - By Beth B 07/22/03
Facts of Life - By Katherine 05/11/03
Funny Bone - By Angela B 05/25/03
Guilt Trip - By Katy (KT) 05/19/03
Harmony House: Happenings - By Twyla Jane 05/25/03 
The Magpie - By Tipper 06/04/03
New Horizons - By Setcheti 05/08/03
Nothing - By NotTasha 05/14/03
Penance - By BM 05/24/08
Pickles - By Beth B  no longer available online
A Tale of Woe - By Heather F 06/07/03 
Words that Hurt - By Setcheti 05/07/03

RoundUp 2003 Challenge (The Vegas Challenge): offered by NotTasha
Write a story that involves one or more of the following: Las Vegas, showgirls (dance hall girls), gambling, a casino and/or Elvis Presley.  To make it more interesting, please include the following words: Exciting, Midnight, Bright, Jackpot and Illegal. One more thing. The story should be under 5,000 words. 

Ace of Spades Club - By Barb Marx 04/14/03
A Bet�s a Bet - By sablecain 04/14/03
City of Sin - By Violette 04/16/03
D�j� Vu - By Enola 04/19/03
A Gambling Boy - By NotTasha 04/14/03
An Irish Lady - By Lady Catherine 04/27/03 No longer available online
Missed Communications - By Setcheti 04/16/03
Old Friend and New Information - By Katherine 04/14/03
One Night in Vegas - By Katy (KT) 04/30/03
Strange Encounters - By Twyla Jane 04/15/03 
A Tale of Woe - By Heather F 06/07/03 
Touring Vegas, Seven Style - By Angela B 04/17/03
Vegas � Bright Midnight - By CelestaSunStar 04/19/03
Viva Las Vegas - By Libby 04/15/03 not available online
What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas - By J Brooks04/20/03

The April 2003 Challenge (the Picture Challenge):   offered by KT (Katy)
Forget April fools! You will find 4 pictures below. Take a look at all 4 pictures and let 1, 2, 3 or all 4 inspire you. You don't have to be too bound by the details of the picture, all I ask is that the reader be able to tell which picture(s) you chose. Thumbnails are below.  Please select the image to see a bigger version.

april1.jpg (10571 bytes)
picture 1

april2.jpg (14041 bytes)
picture 2

april3.jpg (11416 bytes)
picture 3

april4.jpg (21662 bytes)
picture 4

Boots:  A Life Complex Despite its Simplicity - By Twyla Jane  04/21/03
Bridge - By Enola 04/03/03
Childish Things - By TwylaJane  05/04/03  
A Fool and His Boots  - By NotTasha 04/07/03
Goodbye to Old Friends - By Setcheti 04/24/03
A Horse with No Name - By Leslie 05/08/03
Little Boy Gone - By Angela B 04/30/03
Little Chaucer - By Lady Catherine 04/15/03 No longer available online
A New Horse  - By CelestaSunStar 04/24/03
Not No But Hell No - By TwylaJane04/22/03 
One More Look - By sablecain 04/28/03
Rest for the Weary - By Angela B04/18/03
Revenge/Reproach - By Linda (LT) 04/06/03
The Road - By Tipper 04/30/03
Sweetheart - By Katherine 04/01/03
Trees - By Katherine 04/04/03
Truck Love - By Katy (KT)04/01/03

The March 2003 Challenge (the Poem Challenge): offered by Beth 
Nope, it's not to write a poem, but to base a story around one. Pick a long one, short one, old one, or a new one�heck, use one of your own, which would be great. Don't include the poem in your story�this isn't about that. Do, however, post the poem (please include the author's name, book title, and the publisher) at the end, just so the readers can read your inspiration. Pick any AU, as long as you have permission, or create a new one!

About Suffering - By NotTasha 03/26/03
Advice to my Son - By NotTasha 03/31/03
Ask No Questions - Hear No Lies - By Katy (KT) 03/09/03
The Cemetery - By Angela B 03/03/03
Chris' Comforting Angel - By TexasAries 03/30/03
The Explorer - By J Brooks 03/30/03
Golden Ripe Memories - By Angela B 03/09/03
Here's to Many More Lively Conversations - By Tipper 03/21/03
High Flight - By sablecain 03/21/03
Hurt Hawks - By NotTasha 03/09/03
Invictus - By Beth B 03/06/03
Look in the Mirror - By Heather F 03/09/03
The Mask - By Tipper 03/21/03
Nobody Loses All the Time - By J Brooks 03/15/03
On the Antiquity of Microbes - By Beth B 03/23/03
Paper Cut - By Twyla Jane 03/12/03 
Pied Beauty - By NotTasha 03/12/03
Pieta - By Enola 03/15/03
The Road Less Traveled By - By Lady Catherine 03/10/03 No longer available online
Searching for Something - By TwylaJane 03/24/03 
She is Overheard Singing - By Tipper 03/21/03
Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun - By CelestaSunStar 03/13/03
A Summons Faint Yet Resolute - By Tipper03/21/03
The Wanderer - By Jenifer Davis03/12/03
Who has Known Heights - By Setcheti 03/02/03

The February 2003 Challenge (the Estrogen Challenge):   offered by Lady Catherine 
I know many writers like to stretch their creative muscles by creating new characters to work with the seven.  I also know that many writers have a strong dislike for Mary Sues. (as do I)  Therefore: I would like to see a three dimensional female character who is NOT romantically connected with any of the seven (past, present or future).  She must play a role in the story, i.e. not simply walking by and tipping her hat.  Women come in all shapes, sizes, ages and personalities, just like dudes.  Make her tough, sweet, good, evil, prissy- whatever. Let's see some girls just being girls.

Advances in Modern Technology - By Q'Mar not yet available online
Annie Greer's Brand New Boy Child - By NotTasha 02/12/03
Brothers - By sablecain 06/27/04  
Hatchback Hell - By Joy K 02/17/03
Heart of the House - By Beth B 02/23/03
Here then Gone - By Libby 07/17/04 not available online  
Just Another Morning - By Katy (KT) 02/16/03
The Love Letters - By Lady Catherine No longer available online
The Midnight Ones - By Enola 06/09/03 
Mixed Signals - By Katy (KT) 02/03/03
Penance - By BM 05/24/08  
The Rancher's Wife - By Linda (LT) 02/24/03
Replaced - By Lady Catherine 02/01/03 No longer available online
Santa Ez - By Pat Merritt 12/22/04
Soledad - By J Brooks 02/23/03
Two Fish Run into a Wall - By Tipper04/18/03 
When Lightning Strikes - By Michelle Naylor (Gypsy) unfinished

The January 2003 Challenge (the "Where's my Horse?" Challenge): offered by Angela B
Write a story in which one (or more) of the guys horses goes missing. (If you are using an AU in which there are no horses go ahead and use the mode of transportation used)

Beau's Big Day - By Katy (KT) 01/12/03
A Betting Man - By Tipper 07/31/03  
The Bull - By Helen Chavez 01/18/03
A Different View - By Enola 05/19/03 
Fixing a Mistake - By Setcheti 01/31/03
Following the Fence Home - By NotTasha 01/26/03
From Here to There -- and Back Again - By Yolande 01/03/03
An Incentive - By TwylaJane and Quizgan 04/01/03
The Kill Pen - By Angela B 01/03/03
Mistaken Identity - By Heather F 02/14/03
No Strings - By sablecain 02/28/03 
Transportation Troubles - By CelestaSunStar
Trouble - By Beth B 01/29/03

The December 2002 Challenge (the Postcard Challenge): offered by Gail (ShipsCat)
Judge Travis has set our fellows a task that takes them a long, long, long, way from home. Like Moscow, Timbuktu, East L.A., or any other unexotic location of your choice. You can send anyone you want or any number. The only thing is that they have to do is write postcards home telling why they aren't making it home for the holidays.  If you are the clever computer wizard include pictures of the postcards...if you are like me then a short description will suffice...vast expanse of sand, line of camels plodding off into the horizon. "Sun and Sand from Kuwait" or vast expanse of snow, line of reindeer plodding off into the horizon. "Snow from Lapland". For those of you who must write in the old west theme, then a community of Pennsylvania Dutch, Indians, or a visit to Chinatown the location and short letters or pithy telegrams will suffice.

Buena Vista - By NotTasha 12/01/02
Change of Plans - By Libby 12/20/02  no longer available online
Christmas Conscription - Bysablecain 02/12/03
Christmas from Dixie -By Lady Catherine 12/26/02 No longer available online
Christmas Messages - By Katy (KT) 12/09/02
From Russia with Love - By Lauri Gardner (Shipscat's Son) 12/18/02
Home for Christmas - By Setcheti 12/12/02
A Message in a Bottle- By TwylaJane01/08/03 
Merry Christmas Indeed - By Enola 05/03/03 
No Place Like Home - By J Brooks12/16/02
Not Happy in Ohio - By Angela B 12/15/02
Poor Ezra and Sad Tale of Woe - By Debra DeYoung (deydeal) 12/15/02 no longer available online
Postcards, E-mails and Life's other assorted postscripts - By TwylaJane 12/15/02 
Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun - By CelestaSunStar 03/13/03
Telegrams and Letters - By Heather F 12/18/02
Tour de Force (or A Forced Tour) - By Gail (Shipscat) 12/26/02 

The November 2002 Challenge (the Book challenge): offered by CelestaSunStar
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Snow White had met the Seven Gunslingers instead of the Seven Dwarves? Or generally wondered at the chaos that would occur if the Seven ended up in your favorite novel.  This month I want you to hit the books for your ideas. You can put the Seven into your favorite story, or bring the characters out into whatever universe of M7 you think fits the best. Or the book itself can be a central plot device, much like NotTasha's "Down the Amazon" Series.  If it's a published work of fiction, such as a novel, fairy tale, manga, graphic novel, or a TV series in book form, you can use it.  Please keep in mind that some authors do not like their works used in fanfiction and that such a work might not be able to be posted in the library.

Damnation Alley  - By Leslie 11/30/02
Down the Rabbit Hole - By TwylaJane11/24/02 
Follow the Yellow Brick Road - By Debra Baschal 01/23/04  
An Introduction - By NotTasha 11/18/02
JD: Baby of the World - By Setcheti 11/12/02 (not available online)
Just Another Day - By Lady Catherine 07/06/03  No longer available online
The Key - By sablecain 01/31/03
The Lady Mare - By Beth B 11/05/02
Orpheus And Nate - By Enola 3/28/03
Real - By Libby 11/11/02 not available online
Richest Boy in Four Corners - By Scotty Scott 11/16/02
The Road to Four Corners - By Setcheti 11/30/02
The Seven go Seusical - By Lisa/CoolBreeze 11/25/02
Seven Little Men - By deadbird 11/11/02
Seven Protecting Princes - By Kassyndrya 11/30/02
There was a Crooked Man - By Mahoney 11/12/02
The Union Delegate - By Katy (KT) 11/18/02
Waking Up - By Libby 11/12/02 no longer available online
What about Elvis? - By Jenifer Davis 06/22/04
Wild about Harry - By QMar 06/26/03 
Wolf vs. Seven - By Angela B 11/11/02
Wooden Horses - By J Brooks 11/11/02

The October 2002 Challenge (the Halloween with Someone Else Challenge): offered by Jenifer Davis (nuttiegirl)
Every author has their favorite character. But, on occasion some of the less popular of the seven get left behind. Hence, I challenge you to write a fic featuring one of the seven that you do not normally write as the main character in your fiction. Think of it as a learning experience where you get to grow as a writer. Of course, if you want to add some fun and frivolity to it all, feel free to throw in a missing mummy, a vampiric baddie or a cadre of werewolves carting contraband! After all, it is Halloween!

Appearances are Everything - By Gail (Shipscat) 10/31/02
Braintree Wisdom - By Lady Catherine 10/13/02 No longer available online
A Daytime Nightmare - By Angela B 10/13/02
Devil of a Time - By NotTasha 10/09/02
The Escape - By Kassyndrya 10/24/02
Faith - By Enola 10/22/02
Falling into Periphery Josiah's Tale - By Twyla Jane 10/19/02 
Getting Away for A While - By Setcheti 10/17/02
The Meaning of Halloween - By Katy (KT) 10/08/02
Mr. October - By Libby 10/11/02 no longer available online
On Being Immortal - By Katherine 10/11/02
Running On - By Heather F 10/10/02
Sanctuary - By Helen A 09/21/03
Sharing Demons - By Sablecain 10/31/02
Tea and Sympathy - By J Brooks 10/17/02

The September 2002 Challenge (the Dime Store Novel Challenge): offered by Libby
Let us note that this month�s theme is more a matter of a stylistic challenge�that of the famed dime novel which brought fantastic tales back east [and to the world] of incredible exploits in the wild west. Broad, sweeping generalizations � and all preconceived expectations held by greenhorns and ladies fanning themselves so as not to swoon in their lavish parlors.  So the boys should follow a stereotype, and the action should be dramatic! heroic! unbelievable!  Though this style best suits the old west universe, it can easily be tweaked to different au�s. Think modern pulp novels, for example. 

Ballad Magnificant - By Libby 9/19/02 no longer available online
A Barstool at Tenth and Main - By Setcheti
Floods, Momma Cows and Crocodiles - By Heather F 9/19/02
From the Files of Buck Wilmington, PI - By Tipper
Potter's Seven - By Enola 9/10/02
Quiet - By NotTasha
Tom 'Scat' Logan's Story - By Heather F
Sept Challenge - By Sablecain

The 1st Anniversary Challenge: offered by NotTasha
It is a challenge of SEVEN elements. The challenge must address the following things, they can be major plot points, or just minor details, but you gotta do them all.  Since it's an anniversary challenge, you have a year to respond:

1) it must include an anniversary of some sort, be it a wedding anniversary, remembrance of a major event, the date the team formed, or just the anniversary of the local mall;

2) someone must face some sort of a challenge;

3) it must combine two of the previous challenges! From Sept 2001-Aug 2002 i.e. you could have someone ending up on a edge while five of them are on the way to Tascosa. OR from a villain's point of view in your new AU (you must use the AU you created in January 2002 if you chose this month or create a brand new AU if you didn't participate in that challenge). OR food memories mixed with a physical change. OR a historical figure shows up and does something supernatural. Get it? Take the entire challenge from TWO months and put them together, including everything the previous challenger insisted on;

4) it must contain five of the following words (you only need to use five, you CAN use more if you choose): blackmail, fishy, lonesome, loathsome, leek (or leak), banter, babbling, pop, fuss, cheese;

5) it must contain only ONE of the following (use more than one and you're screwed) and the item should be important to the story: an unhappy duck, a length of rope that's too short, a woman's pink nightie, a heap of toe nail clippings, a device for breathing underwater, too much fudge, an abandoned rickshaw, a clock that has been purposefully set to the wrong time, OR a placebo.  ONLY ONE, dammit!

6) at some point, at least one of the guys....must sing;

7) none of the guys get hurt -- physically OR emotionally - there can be EMOTION, of course, but it shouldn't be overwhelming. This is not be be an angst fest 

The Coach Ride - By Lady Catherine No longer available online
Gone but not Forgotten - By Setcheti 10/29/02
Inkslingers - By J Brooks 01/18/03
It's Not Just a Challenge, It's an Adventure - By Angela B 01/26/03
The Legacy: Bad Karma - By Leslie 03/30/03
Over the Hills and Far Away - By Q'Mar 03/31/03
PQL: Outside Denver - By NotTasha 01/01/03

The August 2002 Challenge (the Food Challenge): offered by Flavia
Is there anything that brings back memories like a smell or taste? The real, strong memories of our past, not tied to any one day or event. Baking, cooking, stealing the neighbour's apples....The challenge I offer you, honoured gentlemen and women, is this; Write to me about memories. Memories and cooking. Let the smells of food waft through your fics (Challenger makes elaborate flourish;) and bring back memories for the Seven. Any AU allowed, and any food, as long as the recipe is included. -grin- Lets have some mouthwatering fics!

Chocolate Pie - By Angela B
Crisp & Sweet - By Libby 
Different Recollections - By Lady Catherine No longer available online
Fall Rain - By Angela B
Lessons in the Senses - By Leslie 09/10/02
My Way - By Libby  no longer available online
Of Fish - By Tipper
Pie in the Sky - By NotTasha
The Reason - By Sablecain
Remembrance of Dinners Past - By Setcheti  no longer available online
Rising to the Challenge - By Katy (KT)
Sweet & Crisp - By Libby  no longer available online
Sweet Secret - By Katy (KT)
The Way to a Stubbourn Heart - By Enola

The 24-Hour Challenge #2: offered by Debra DeYoung (deydeal)
updated 08/19/03

The July 2002 Challenge (the Change Challenge): offered by Enola
I would like to see stories where a physical change of some kind happens to one or more of the Seven, how he and the others react to it. Any change you want, as long as it's physical -- some kind of disability, sense removal, becoming another gender or another age -- anything! All I ask is, please, no death stories. If it's temporary or permanent, that's up to you. Any universe. Have fun!!

Aw Hell - By Enola
Bald is Beautiful - By Lady Catherine No longer available online
Blind - By Setcheti
A Certain Tactile Sensitivity - By Tipper
Co-Dependency - By Katy (KT)
Distant Horizons - By Libby  no longer available online
Dragonlord - By CelestaSunStar
Four Things that Mattered - By Sablecain
Independence - By NotTasha
July Challenge - By Heather F
Rabbit - By Twyla Jane 
Reborn - By Setcheti
Red - By Libby 
Results and Roses - By Beth B
The Return - By Setcheti
Skin Walker - By Leslie
Something Wicked - By Mary K Drouin 9/10/02
Sooner or Later - By Kim (Ruby) no longer available online
Through the Eyes of the Rabbit - By Twyla Jane 
WarlockBlade - By TexasAries
When the Wind Blows - By Angela B

The 24-Hour Challenge #1: offered by NotTasha
This is a new feature of the M7Challenge.  Near the end of the month, when most of our writers have submitted their monthly challenge and are milling about, looking for something to do...a 24-hour challenge will be offered. The writer reads the challenge and MUST respond to it within 24-hours.

The June 2002 Challenge (The Historical Personage Challenge): offered by Christine Jeffords (sevenstar)
Assuming that the Seven get together in the 1870's (my personal date is 1878, but you don't have to go with that): Write a story in which one or more of the guys encounter a historic figure. This may be a Wild West character (Wild Bill Hickok, Bat Masterson, the Earps, Quanah Parker (!), any famous outlaw you favor), a Civil War figure, anyone who would fit into their timeline. The encounter can take place before or after the group comes together, whatever works for you. And it has to be a *story*--something *happens* in it.

Aces High - By Libby   no longer available online
Black and White - By Angela B
Charlie's Story - By Gail (Shipscat)  no longer available online
Crossing the Line - By CelestaSunStar
Duality - By Katy (KT)
A Gentleman Indeed - By Libby  no longer available online
A Gift of Gratitude - By Setcheti
Little Sure Shot - By Libby  no longer available online
No Truer Heart - By Libby  no longer available online
Old Story, New Name- By Leslie
The Right Thing - By Lady Catherine No longer available online
Rule of Thumb - By NotTasha
Safe Harbor - By Libby  no longer available online
Soldier Boy - By Sablecain
Stage Advice - By Enola
Strength and Honor - By Beth B
Temporary Setback - By Libby  no longer available online
White Buffalo - By Libby  no longer available online

The May 2002 Challenge (The Supernatural Challenge): offered by Michelle Naylor (Gypsy)
Do you believe in the supernatural, the unusual, the out of the ordinary things that can not be explained? What would the boys do when faced with such a situation? Write a story where one or more of the boys are caught up with forces beyond their control. My one stipulation is that there most be some otherwordly figure, (ghost, alien, angel, etc...) there to help them along. Note: This should not be a horror story!

The Angel - By Michelle Naylor (Gypsy)
Bolt out of the Blue - By NotTasha
Comanche Moon - By Christine Jeffords (sevenstars)
Dreams - By CelestaSunStar
The Family of Adam - By Rowan
Ghost from the Past - By TexasAries
Gingerbread- By CelstaSunStar
Going Home Again - By Tipper
The Guardian - By Leslie
I Just Wasn't Myself - By Sablecain
Legacy - By Enola
Life is a Horizontal Fall - Part II My Friend the Witch Doctor- By Gail (Shipscat) 
Live to Fight On - By Libby 
The Morning After LOTH - By Twyla Jane 
No Ordinary Day - By Angela B
No, These - By Libby  no longer available online
Shades - By Violette
Sound of Silence - By Beth B
Storms - By CelestaSunStar
There's Something Seriously Wrong with this House - By Bernadette
The Uninvited Guest - By KT
The Unknown Soldier - By Beth B
The Visitor - By Setcheti no longer available online
Warnings - By Heather F
What If - By Setcheti

The April 2002 Challenge (The On the Edge Challenge): offered by Tipper
Some, one or all of the boys are on the edge -- not figuratively, literally. It can be the edge of a cliff, the roof of a building, the scaffolding on a skyscraper, a ledge on the side of a rock face -- you name it, so long as it is a long way down. They can be standing, dangling, falling, climbing, whatever works. How you get them there, and get them out of it, is entirely up to you. I only have one other little caveat.  You must use one, some or all of the following words in the story: birthday, chocolate, shower and fool. It is April after all. Any universe, any style. Good Luck!

Aw Hell - By Twyla Jane
Bumps and Bruises - By Beth B
Climbing Chocolate Bunnies - By Libby  no longer available online
Come Inside - By Bernadette
Drips - By Heather F
The Fool's Errand - By Tipper
Fool's Paradise - By Violette
Hanging Out - By Michelle Naylor (Gypsy)
Immortal Remembrance - By Katherine
Jumping to Conclusions - By KT
Just Another Afternoon - By Setcheti
Let's Get Ready to Rumble- By Twyla Jane 
Life is a Horizontal Fall - By Gail (Shipscat) 
Lying Down - By NotTasha
The Morning After - By TwylaJane no longer available online
No Ordinary Day - By Angela B
Of Loess Piles and Hanging Pallets - By Jenifer Davis
Pawn or Prize - By Sablecain
Rope Work - By CelestaSunStar
Stand Firm - By Yolande
Vin on a Ledge...okay, Limb - By Debra DeYoung (deydeal)
Voice from Above - By Enola

The March 2002 Challenge (the Hobby Challenge): offered by Katherine
Give any one of the seven a hobby the other six do not know about, until events conspire to bring it to their attention. Hobby must not be anything previously mentioned in other stories...i.e. no working at a shelter for Josiah, no piano playing for Ezra, no working with neighborhood kids for Vin. You get the idea. In essence I want to know what one of the boys does with his down time, and the reaction of the others when they find out. They aren't always working.

Code: Testosterone - By Beth B
Contest Rules - By DeathSprite 11/27/04
Control - By Kassyndra 
Dancing in the Darkness - By CelestaSunStar
Downtime - By Yolande
Fairy Godfathers - By TexasAries
Fancy Footwork - By Libby  no longer available online
Freefall - By Violette
Gayle Storm - By Enola
In Stitches - By Gail (Shipscat) 
Keeping Busy - By KT
Not Funny - By Flavia
Number 37 - By Heather F
Predictability - By Sablecain
Rhyming Reasons - By ShipsCat
Riding the Wave - By Katherine no longer available online
Santa Fe (ATF) - By Julia Neal
Send in The ...- By Twyla Jane 
Truth or Dare - By CelestaSunStar
Unexpected - By Setcheti
Vertical Expressions of Horizontal Desires - By Tess Shaffer
The Winning Side - By NotTasha

The February 2002 Challenge (The Water Crossing Challenge): offered by Heather F
Any AU, any setting....Whatever floats your boat so to say. Some of the seven guys are stuck on one side of a water way (river, pool, pond, puddle, bathtub anything with water) and some of the others (one or two or how many you want) are on the other side. For whatever reason, the one group refuses to cross the water and join the others, despite the fact bad guys can be heard bearing down on them.

Ain't Gonna Do It - By Twyla Jane
And You Call This Fun? - By Angela B
Bedeviled! - By NotTasha
Big Brothers, Little Brothers - By KT
A Bridge to be Built - By Setcheti no longer available online
Canyon - By Julia Neal
Chance Encounters - By Sablecain
City Maze - By Tipper
Herpetology - By Heather F
Man Against Water - By Bernadette
Ordeal - By Enola
Race to Cross the River - By Bernadette
Rising to the Challenge - By Katherine
The River  - Land of the Lost - By Twyla Jane 
Short Straw - By Heather F
Spring Waters - By Tipper

The January 2002 Challenge (The AU Challenge): offered by Setcheti
Write (or rather, *re*write) a movie or TV show as starring our favorite Seven guys. You MAY NOT use an existing AU, you must create your own. (Yes, that does mean you can't just have ATF Team Seven join forces with Walker, Texas Ranger - a crossover is not what we're aiming for here.) You can do the whole thing or just a teaser so long as all Seven are used. Sounds daunting I know, but sit down and watch a few movies or a couple hours of cable and I'm sure you'll come up with something great!

Bonanza  Brothers - By Heather F
The Brady Bunch  The Travis Bunch - By Tipper
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer  Ezra: The Vampire Slayer - By Kassyndrya
Cheers:  M7 Cheers - By Tipper
The Crow Seven Crows  - By TexasAries
The Chronicle HAS (Hazardous Assignment Squad) - By Setcheti
Dark Angel  Bridge-Jumping - By Jeanne Marie
Doctor Who  Renegades Seven Strong - By Enola
Early Edition:  Seven Editions - By Gail (Shipscat)
Emergency:  Emergency - Station 7 - By Tipper
Fraggle Rock  The Preachification of Ezra - By Jade
Gilligan's Island Castaways - By Yolande
Ghostbusters No Job is Too Big - By Setcheti
Highlander Immortal Seven - By Katherine
Indian in the Cupboard Us and Them - By Beth B  
Land of the Lost A Bad Day - By Twyla Jane 
The Last of the Mohicans  History Rewritten - M7 Style - By Rows BROKEN LINK
The Legacy  The Legacy: The Assemblage - By Leslie
The Lord of the Rings  M7 Lord of the Rings - By Julia Neal
The Man from Uncle Men from Uncle: The Olympics Affair  - By Gail (Shipscat)
M*A*S*H:  MASH M7 - By Tipper
Monty Python and the Holy Grail  M7 and the Holy Grail - By Tipper
The Monarch of the Glenn  A New Monarch of the Glenn - By KT
Nasty Boys Desert Run MonicaM 08/09/05
Night Court  M7Night Court - By Tipper
Pulp Fiction Pulp Magnifiction - By Setcheti
Quantum Leap  Rodeo Days; Be There; Fair; Bright Part of the Sky - By
The Scarlet Pimpernel  The Magnificent Pimpernel - By Sue
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
  All in a Day's Work - By Angela B
The Stand  The Stand of the Seven - By Jade
Stargate SG1 Stargate: SG-7 - By Setcheti
Tour of Duty Tour of Duty-Seven Style - By TexasAries
Tremors Tremors - the M7 Version - By Setcheti
Twister Storm Chasing Faith - By Sablecain
U-571  U-571 - By Bernadette
The West Wing  Backgrounds; Senior Staff - By Debra DeYoung (deydeal)

The December 2001 Challenge (The "Seed of Doubt" Challenge): offered by Twyla Jane
�A seed of doubt once planted, sown deep had begun to grow and crack the very foundation that united them.�  Incorporate this into your story whether it be text or theme. Any AU. Can be anything from drama to dare I say humor. Oh did I say that Nathan has to be one of the main players and mind you not just as a healer�? Oh yes I know I am evil but I could have asked you to include a barrel of oil, dynamite and some pissed off reptiles �(oh my where did that come from????) Something else concerning flamingos was mentioned... so don't be shocked when you see them.>

Bounty Hunters - By Heather F
The Decorators - By Tipper
Limits - By Sablecain
Nathan Saves the Day - By Setcheti
Reports - By Katherine no longer available online
Rumble in a Small Western Town - By Jeanne Marie
Seeds - By Enola
Shaking the Dust - By NotTasha
Snake Oil, Dynamite and Pink Flamingos - By Twyla Jane 
There are Brothers, and There are Brothers - By Julia Neal
Trust in your Friends - By Bernadette
What's Really Real - By Tipper

The November 2001 Challenge (The "Ezra's got a Gun" Challenge): offered by Bernadette
Start a story with -- Ezra Standish pressed the gun harder against the suspect's left temple. An evil smile crossed his features as he pulled the trigger. He knew the chamber was empty, he had checked it himself. The sound of a gunshot exploded around the room. Blood splattered across Ezra's face. He stood in shock, staring down at the man he had just killed.  "Ezra!" Vin yelled at him, "What in the hell have you done?"

Animals - By Enola
Certainty - By Setcheti
Fanfiction - By The Chronicler 09/10/03
Hell of a Day - By Twyla Jane
November Challenge - By Heather F
Silent Echoes - By Q'Mar 02/08/04
A Stone, Turned - By NotTasha
Strange as it Seems - By Twyla Jane
What a Family Does - By Sablecain
Where to Hide It - By Bernadette

The October 2001 Challenge (The Tascosa Challenge): offered by Julia Neal
Five of the Magnificent Seven are headed to Tascosa to clear Vin's name for good. How will they prove he's innocent now that Eli Joe is dead? Two of the Seven are left to protect the town. Who will take the opportunity to terrorize Four Corners?

A Good Name I; A Good Name II; A Good Name III & IV - By NotTasha
Heading Home - By Twyla Jane
No Matter What Happens - By Sablecain
On the Outskirts of Tascosa - By Sue
Truth, Justice and the Cowboy Way - By Julia Neal
Things Change - By Setcheti
The Trial of Vin Tanner - By Tipper
Verdad - By Enola
Want to go Fishing? - By Bernadette
What the Mouse Heard - By Jeanne Marie
While the Cat's Away - By Twyla Jane

The September 2001 Challenge (The Villain Challenge): offered by NotTasha
Write a story from a villain's POV.  It can be a cannon villain and even a canon scene -- or make it all up.

Coming to an End - By Tipper
Humans Just Ain't Worth the Trouble - By Lily of the West 01/05/04 
Let No Man Separate - By Sablecain
Life Just Isn't Fair - By Bernadette
Not as they Seem - By Yolande
Picked the Wrong Day to Quit Smoking - By Jeanne Marie
A Question of Honor - By Enola
The Swill Brothers - By TwylaJane
Them are Demons - By Heather F
A Turn of Luck - By NotTasha
A Waterfall of Creative Alternatives - By Setcheti no longer available online
What Will be Will Be - By Julia Neal

The Magnifiction Challenge!
Before there was the Mag7Challenge, we had the Magnifiction Challenge.  The stories which follow are in response to the Magnifiction CommunityZero monthly fanfic challenges. This is where the challenge was born.

The August 2001 Challenge: offered by Jean Genie
The challenge is to write a story of 2,500 to 3,500 words titled "Charades." The setting is the Old West and the last words/line of the fic must be spoken by Ezra and will be: "So shines a good deed in a weary world." This is to be a dramatic fic, not comedy.

Charades - By Sablecain
Charades - By Jeanne Marie
Charades - By Tipper
Charades - By NotTasha
Charades - By Twyla Jane
Oreos, Whiskey and Rescues - By Heather F (yes, it has nothing to do with the above challenge, but we can't help that)

The July 2001 Challenge: offered by Jean Genie
The story must start with the following... "He had no idea just where he was but he knew that he was moving -- a curiously disorientating feeling considering he was lying down. Several sensations, none of them pleasant, transmitted themselves to his waking brain in a split second of overload.

First Time for Everything - By NotTasha
In Spite Of - By Sablecain
July Challenge - By Heather F
July Daze - By Tipper
Leap of Faith - By Jeanne Marie
Ride On - By Julia Neal
Wooo - By TwylaJane 

The June 2001 Challenge: offered by Jean Genie
The title must be "Under Pressure" and must include only two of the Seven.

Under Pressure - By Sablecain
Under Pressure - By Jeanne Marie
Under Pressure - By Tipper
Under Pressure - By NotTasha
Under Pressure - By Q'Mar 02/11/04
Under Pressure- By Tess Shaffer

The May 2001 Challenge: offered by Jean Genie
This one is a song fic;  The theme is Time. "Time it is a precious thing, Time brings all things to your mind, Time with all its labours along with all its joys, and Time brings all things to an end." Only rule is strictly no death fic!! No word limit but please, no epics. Any character from the seven that you choose may be the focus.

Countdown - By Sablecain
Time is a Healer- By NotTasha
Time of your Life - By Q'Mar 01/10/04

The April 2001 Challenge: offered by Jean Genie
For this challenge I'm going to give you the title and three key words (which must appear at some stage in the story); from there it's up to you. It should be short, no more than 3000 words, but can be about any or all of the seven in which ever AU you choose, provided you have permission to write in it. The title is: FIGURE OF SPEECH. The key words are: chiseler, harass and furtive.

Figure of Speech - By Sablecain
Figure of Speech - By Julia Neal
Figure of Speech - By Tipper
Figure of Speech - By NotTasha
Figure of Speech - By QMar 06/12/03

The March 2001 Challenge: offered by Jean Genie
It's Ezra's birthday and for some reason he is on his own. The aim is to write a short reflective/introspective piece on his feelings and his looking back over the previous year. It can be OW or any AU you choose.

Altitude - By Tess Shaffer
Birthday Blues - By Yolande
Counting Down to 70 - By Q'Mar 06/11/03
Epiphanies and other Realizations -  By Twyla Jane   
Figure of Speech  - By Tipper (yes, this is Tipper's March AND April answer)
Great Day to be Alive - By Sablecain
Happy Birthday, Ezra Standish - By Julia Neal
In the Silver Light - By NotTasha

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