I have 2 cats, Sarah and Rebekkah.

Bekkah This is Bekkah. She's the stupidest cat on the face of the earth. Her head is tiny compared to the rest of her body. Near as I can tell, once Ghod finished putting eyes and a tongue in her head, there wasn't room for a brain.
Sarah This is Sarah. She looks like this because my friend Garner Miller is taking her picture, and she hates him!

Recently, my mother was after me to give her grandchildren. I explained that I had used my planned-for-when-I-have-children names on the cats, and if I ever have kids, they're gonna be named Fluffy and Spot. She decided that maybe my sister would be a better choice to nag about grandchildren. ::snicker::

I work as bookkeeper/office manager in my father's office. He's not bothering me about having children.


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