by Mytryk, isn't she great.

Blood sometimes does tell the strongest stories, make the strongest bonds, and the strangest people friends. Especially when things are desperate. Sometimes the only ones you can count on are your blood.

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Legacy Revealed (thanks to Spurio for the name). We find a semi-lost family of Xander's coming forward to deal with supernatural problems. Now if only they believed him about the problems in Sunnydale.

Closing Arguments (Thanks to Spurio for the name) The next big apocalypse starts, as they always do. Yet, life goes on and changes the people being forced through it.

Africa to Aw, Hell. Even when Xander isn't there, some things have to draw in the cousins. Like LA going to hell.

Dealing With Doorways (Thanks to Suprio for the name) NC-17! When one door closes, another opens to a new lifelong journey. Sometimes with some help from a few pushy aunts.

Shiny, Semi-Helpful Sightings. Xander's new job of making weapons is going well enough for him to start sharing. John brings his team up to meet Muffin, and then an apocalypse happens. Isn't the way it always goes?

Slamdowns by the Smartasses. The bonding issue comes to a head when they're forced to deal with it due to it making changes in the guys. Especially the one where the plot behind the bonding comes into the light.

Pushy Pussheads Trying to Get Their Way. What do you do when the higher ups want you to do something you don't want to do? You get stubborn! Or possibly vindictive.

Returns. Xander is asked to go back to Sunnydale to clean out anything that shouldn't fall into the wrong hands. As his digging quest is on-going he gets some help from bigger muscles. Bit funny, bit sad.

Mind Games. More on the 'shippy side but some things start to settle down in the trio's lives, even if people are asking nosy questions, making assumptions, or trying their best to cause problems.

Watch the Willow Wiggle. One of these days, Willow will learn that leaving Xander alone is always a good idea. NC-17

Plotting Puny Plots. Is it the demons that're confused or the Higher Ups? Because someone got something wrong somewhere.

Warped Planning. Rodney has a brief moment of crisis of faith/science. Xander realizes that things haven't been seen yet and does his impersonation of Common Sense Man, which means there's a mass meeting and pie.

Hellish Hosts Helping Out. Xander goes to some higher beings to get their support to move the probable apocalypses off-realm and we find some new things out as the new Court is formed.

Hunting the Horribles. Gou'ald in vampires? Yeah, it's like that. R for Violence rating.

Heating Up. Things go a bit odd thanks to a minor wish demon, and then ... things get heated.

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