The Darker Side of GHS

What if Buffy and Willow had told Xander not to come home after his road trip? What if he had stayed in New York? Well, let us look....

This is still an offshoot of the original GHS universe. The same rules and series warnings apply. There will be mention of sex, fighting, kidnapings, and some humor involved. This is still a crossover between HIghlander, Buffy, due South, and now CSI:NY and other new fandoms. While things were more fluffy and light before, now Xander has to do more of his own fighting. Because you'll never truly understand Sunnydale or her residents without having been there.

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A Xander In New York. Xander's plans shatter when his friends tell him he can't go home. Being Xander and a GHS, he's got to make some plans to protect himself. It means he'll meet some interesting new people, some of which will like him more than others.

Protect Me? Xander comes back from the convention a happier GHS and some things do change in his life. Plus Don meets his new special friend. Then some clues start to not come together about some things around him, making him a bit frustrated.

Cuddlesome. Things come to a head when Devi tries to come back. Don's questions are starting to get worse but Danny's still holding him off.

Coming Across. The military wants to erase the dishonor of the Initiative fiasco. All that's complicated by Don's questions about that 'special club' being answered in a painful way. R to be safe for violence. There is one very bad spelling mistake in this one. I couldn't find it anywhere. Yalmaka is as close as I could come

Learning It The training progresses. Sunnydale bites back at Xander for not being home. And Xander and Don finally come to an agreement about some sex stuff. NOTES: ANGST! MAJOR ANGST!

Fed Up! Richie comes to help Connor train the boys but Macleod escapes the person he stashes the insane one with. Macleod still doesn't like Xander.....

Exchanges and Returns. Xander returns from his kidnaping, some angst and does follow cannon so some spoilers. The family decide to set things up for their own protection.

Karma and Mistakes Xander gets to meet the new girl and the military finally makes it's move - the wrong move.

Spoiling. Some Xander spoiling and some Mac spoiling, and inbetween the boys' first fight.

Happy New Friends some older members of GHS come up to mentor Xander and his group. They just get there at the wrong time, when he's being returned. But it does lead to some revelations of about who knows what.

My...What?!? Demon protocol makes for some odd moments, but humorous ones.

A New Start The first few days in Miami. Getting everything straightened out, getting some misconceptions out of the way, meeting everyone... The usual first week in a new city.

Interesting Exchanges Almost a challenge and then a kidnaping, plus Xander get a wish granted.

Pets  they settle on the pet situation and learn why a bored ferret is a bad thing. Plus a few plans are made for the next convention.

Conventions of Fun the convention! And we find out where Don really is on the scale. NC- 17.

A Bit of Traveling The boys are taken to another realm for a long, unwanted vacation. Where they meet some very powerful beings who like Xander just because he's a Xander. NC-17

Games Xander and Ryan go to visit Jace's in Las Vegas and find a bit of trouble but only the good sort.

Friendship? They find out who did the bombs when Xander finds a new one on Danny's car. Some mild angst.

Family. A few of the bags are opened and stories told about the last kidnaping to lighten the mood.

Visitations. Xander has to help Richard with a major demon and Cordy comes down for a visit. Setup piece mostly.

Stupidity on the Mississippi Xander gets to break bad on the riverboat trip to show someone they aren't all that and crime only pays when you're him. Mild NC-17

Understanding the Nature Xander accidentally starts to use things that make GHS go bad. So the family has to step in to help them.

Finances Matter Xander has to move all the stuff down from New York's banks. It's one of the bad points of being GHS. The strange financial language the people speak around him.

Xander Specialness. Xander's so special, people even come to the house wanting him.

Ye Olde Sunnydale Issues An interdimensional cult drags Xander back to Sunnydale to sacrifice him. Some earlier violence and then later humor from the insanity that is Xander's mind.

A Warm and Happy Home The housewarming party. Mild NC-17

A Bit of Traveling... Ryan get his eye injury from cannon and they decide to let him evacuate Xander from the start of a new problem in Miami.

... Is Good For A Boy. The Las Vegas convention! NC-17 to say the least.

That's How Life Goes. Just when you thought the demons were all gone for good, another one shows up and this time takes most of the harem with him. It's a complication most of them didn't need since it made some doubt themselves. R for violence and angst to be safe.

Settling In. Home again and the beginning plans for the next life are started, plus we see more of some of Ryan's private life.

Trainees. The trainee candidates come in for interviews. Mostly humor. After all, Greg and Xander are cute together and Hirsute Woman is always good for a horrified laugh.

The Issues of Being Ray Ray Junior and his daddy both have issues that Xander can help with, hopefully. Mild NC-17

Poker Buddies. Ray's issues are finally settled and it's making Horatio sad. Then again, he's not exactly happy with who Xander's playing poker with either when he finally finds out.

Flies Meet Ointment. The stickiness is applied to other parts when Xander comes home and they all learn what they hadn't wanted to see before. Plus, more Greg and Xander cuteness.

A Slut Hidden. the Dark GHS Universe version of the GHS/NCIS fic. It really does depend on when and why you get the explanation. Not even Jethro can complain when it's due to an attempted kidnaping.  Starts vaguely around Dark GHS 35 or so and ends around part 44 - after year two of Greg being in Miami.
Bored!! A day out with just Greg and a bored Xander.

Road Trip! The boys get to go on a good, long roadtrip across the realms again while things almost calm down at home for a while.

Mental Places That Make You Go Odd. Cordelia comes to visit and the others decide she can help control Xander. ::snickering::

Hello Hell-A Xander escorts Cordelia back to her drab, boring life. Unfortunately no one really explained GHS to Angel... NC-17

The Information Highway Xander gets tired of the waiting and goes after someone for information. Plus some new bling.

A Long, Good Day. Xander decides he has to do something about the stored amount of crap he's bought and been given. Horatio and the rest of the family get pushy about the other stuff as well.

Sacred. The rest of Miami's underground finds out what Xander means when he says his family is sacred. Oh, and Nick and Warrick come down on a crossover case to check on Greg.

Another Miami GHS Day. Go play with some yarn, Concubine Kitty.

A Treat. A special weekend treat for Horatio and Speed. NC-17

Boys, Thugs, and Presents. A few houseboys come to help the housekeeper when she's out of town. A new present for Greggy and Tony, which does amuse Gibbs, and the usual thugs from the poker circuit in Miami. A few fun weeks in Xander's Miami.

To Find a Real Boy. Speed searches for the *real* Xander underneath the masks he wears. What he finds does surprise a few.

Fantasy Island. Xander goes to visit his new island. Which is not exactly what he or the others pictured it to be. Needless to say, his former client had *plans*.

My Babies! Vesvold has a plan to make Xander slightly less bored. Unfortunately it uncovers some of the babies he's been hoarding since high school. Which does not make for very happy family members. He thought Horatio was calmer than that! Plus Greg and Gibbs test the cyborgs to see what they were programmed to do for their GHS masters.

Pouty Boys. Xander recovers on the island, being a bit cranky with the Feds who show up for the last owner's records and things. Though, the Feds do have ideas about how to handle the GHS issue...

Feddies! Xander's poker buddies give some interesting presents, don't they? And of course, some that no GHS, not even a Xander, need. So Greg and Tony can have them instead.

Fed'd-Up With Desire. The Feds pull their plans to put Feds watching over the GHS convention in New York. A few extra series crossed in here: Numb3rs, Criminal Minds.

Incie, Blinky, Succie, Boo Don and Speed have to go to the Incubus' realm to save Xander and Ryan. It's nice that they get to be the heros for a change, plus they get to deal with the strange stuff.

Reconstructing Home. Xander starts the reconstruction work with the contractor's help. Even if there are a few glitches, his boys will have a few good surprises coming.

New Nests. The house is finally done and the family is invited over to see the new work. Of course, someone is jealous so they have to do something about it. Pity for them that what they did is a bad thing.

Deranged, Demented, and Defended While dragonsitting, Gibbs' team discover someone wants GHS members. They're very unhappy and Hubert isn't much pleased either, even though he does find a few new friends who he loves. Crossed in Numb3rs, Criminal Minds.

Family Trees of Destruction  Xander helps get the missing ones back, but he has new projects to handle at home. Including the new workshop and the kooky neighbor with the tree.

The Fist of Karma. Jorge proved he was right when he told his boys about the Fist of Karma and how it came down on you if you messed with the wrong sorts. Even if he did have to do it from the grave. Small, non-graphic mention of death of o.c. during a phone conversation.

The Insanity That Money Brings. Now that the insanity is dying down, Xander goes back to the problem of his accountant.  Again, Karma in action, especially when the idiot tries to hurt Speed and Xander both. R to be safe for violence, small shooting scene.

Fussing, Fussing, Fussing. Wrapping up the last of the injuries from the shooting. All the fussing must come to an end, even if some people do have to fuss for other reasons.

Serious Playtimes The LA Apocalypse and Convention. Loosely based on the demon invasion ep of Angel. R for the battle scenes and Xander's love of artillery.

The GHS Boys of Prophetic Doom. This is a challenge I posted to the list but I ended up writing it. Put the Supernatural boys into the Dark GHS universe. R to be safe.
Understanding Urges. The return from the convention is not what they had expected. But it does give Xander a chance to reaffirm his position in Miami society as someone you don't screw with. Then the Watchers end up having a meeting to figure out what is going on.

Sneaking Around The Plans No one ever really realizes how sneaky Xander is when he wants to be. Until they go looking for things like plans for the future, blackmail files, that stuff. Even when he has to help an old poker buddy so the thugs leave his poor friend alone. Or when he has to work on the horses' training.

New Kids in the Family Teaching the new students is rather fun. Watching them figure Xander out is very amusing to many.

Retribution! An older semi-enemy comes back to get the boys back for having him arrested. Unfortunately he does the meanest of mean things - he touches the animals. Note: Angst Alert, animal deaths occur!

Strange Goodbyes. The goodbye party for Hubert is taken over by demons. Some strange happenings and some outcomes that will change a lot of the world as they know it eventually.

Consequences. The consequences of the road trip start to land on the family. We find out Xander's been more bored than we think and has been playing on the demon realms (an idea suggested by the Imagingings list). The sacred egg hatches (an idea from Mytryk). And we start to see some familiar faces from the original GHS series.

Aliens? Really? remember the aliens from the original GHS series? Well, they're back! Only this time they want Tony. He really has to have his hormones checked again. Possible end of the series.

Super GHS Xander to the Rescue! To cancel a poker debt, a demon comes to tell Xander about the newest wanted GHS member. The only problem is that he's in another realm. He's a late bloomer at eighteen. Oh, and there's a war going on that makes him the target of the bad guy. Super GHS Xander to the rescue! If only so he has a new shopping buddy to play with. Complete with epilogue for the Dark GHS series. part 2 part 3
*Moving Home the Boredom. All the students are back together again, and letting Xander help them make plans for their futures in Miami.

*Rides to the Rescue. The shop finally opens. Dean and Sam even get to play some poker, then show what hunters can really do.

*Good GHS Boys Get A New Toy. Sam's new ride is finally chosen and picked up. They use it to teach the others something about car care and some other practical skills. Even if Draco would rather hire people to do it for him.

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