Someone Has To...

Might as well be them.

The world is going to hell.

Everyone who should handle the prophecy is on vacation.

Someone's got to handle the situation.  Even if they will blame him for it.  Even if some of the warriors are missing, delayed, or out of the battles.

Even if he has to create unholy deals and alliances for unholy times.

Because someone's got to do the dirty work around here.

I.  To Do Something  Things start to go very wrong on the hellmouth while everyone's on vacation.  It's up to Xander and Spike to handle the hellmouth, the fires, and the evil.

II.  To Live With It.  Making unholy alliances for the unholy times they now live in, Xander contacts Ethan Rayne for help.  Plus we find out there's a new vamp in LA who can be of some help.

III.  To Take The Trip   Bobby and Xander finally meet in person to go over the unholiness to see where the others are going.  He even gets to meet some new hunters along the way.

IV.   To Come When The Lady Calls.  Things are starting to look up for the hellmouths.  Tara's where she belongs.  Ethan has a good plan about the plane.  The Lady calling the tune is getting some better dance partners as things move into a better rhythm for the hunters.

V.   To Pay The Piper.   They're finally in Cleveland, are getting sit rep's from the other hunters and Bobby, and then the geeks decide that making the Council pay is a good thing.  Which may not totally please Tara when the boys go for a Willow-makeover.

VI.   To Let The Lady Be A Lady.  We see more of the Miami and LA portions of the team.  Sam helps the geek trio with their fondest wishes, women.  Tara helps out Charlie and Don with some problems too.  A bit funny.

VII.  To Put Up With It.   The authorities finally catch up to the evil geeks and make them admit to what they're doing.  After Xander goes to beat them for taking his attention from the hellmouth.  A mostly funny part.

VIII.  To Finish What Was Started.  The Final battle is called but the Lady's not the same as she was when all this started.  Especially not when Charlie comes up with an idea to help Xander.   Xander's final reward is finally coming to him and all will end at least slightly well, hopefully.

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