Flights of Fancy
This series takes off of an original novel I wrote called Reds and Blues.

You don't have to read it to understand this series, just know that there's a hidden underground of shape-changing dragons all around the world.  Some run things, some work in education, some in intelligence.

This series deals with a branch of the group that runs a certain company called DragonTech.  Crossover with CSI: Miami/New York, Numb3rs, original fic, small crossover with NCIS later.

If you want to read a short summary information page on the various schools in the Sisterhood and a few of the various companies the family runs look here

 Updates marked with a *

1)  How we get the Miami and New York labs involved with them.

2)  Some jealous people kink the labs' plans but that's okay because we meet some of Miss Disher's sisters who're there to handle things for Horatio and a guinea pig.

3)  The problematic Feds come back to bother Tiff and Horatio.  *Bad* idea.

4)  Charlie Epps figures out the secret going on inside DragonTech's halls, and others note that they know too.  Tiff has to have a sit down talk with Ryan about some facts to make him understand better.

5)  Ryan's bane shows up in a whole new light when Ryan's delivered an anonymous tape late one night.  It makes a lot of people very unhappy when she makes a play for Ryan to get it back.   Notes: Tiny bit graphic in the descriptions of what's on the tape but not a blow-by-blow graphic.  Good R for that just in case.

6)   A conference of nerds.  Slightly interrupted by stupid people breaking in but still a conference of nerds where Ryan and Greg have to come clean about what they've been doing on Teacher.

7)  Paladin comes after Charlie so he has to evacuate.

8)   Ryan gets sent to a conference to find out why the ladies haven't been around for the last little while and someone mean goes after him and Stephni.  Crossover with NCIS.

9)  During a kidnaping, Ryan starts to hatch his devious, evil genius plans.  Meanwhile, Don is looking for Charlie.

10)   Ryan finally bursts out in the start of an evil plan.  Greg gets in his own start  down the path to evil geniushood.

11)  Nick gets to meet Greg's evil genius pet.  Then Greg gets to go to Miami to play with Ryan in person.

*12)  The long awaited assault bike's trial has come!  Along with a few new players from Paladin.

*13)  Paladin's hostage is found and the lab plus the Miami team has to react quickly to save him so they can find out why and who else is in danger this time.

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