The Dream-Verse
Where A Sneeze Changed The World.

Needless to say, this is a crossover series. A very massive crossover series.

The second story is a little before the incident happened, and the next story is how it happened; the first story is just a precursor in this universe. After that, we'll see where it takes us. No promises though about content so please watch for warnings on the individual stories - when you mess with a timeline, there's no telling what might happen. Also, no promises on which series will be used in the crossover, this is a world crossover, so it may change and adapt as the new timeline appears.

I Was Only Trying To Help: Bliss decides to help his poor overworked Grandma and Daddy.

It's All A Dream: (PG). Rain has to ask for help from her godly relatives to stop an evil from coming back to life. Crossover of Hercules (Gods mostly)/Highlander/Sentinel/OFC. I'm including a small list of my research for this story, just so you don't get too confused about who's over what in the Celt part of it.

The Sneeze That Changed The World: a child sneezes and history is altered.

Calling In Paranoid: The San Francisco Legacy House starts to pull things together to fight this horrible fate. A gathering of some of the more important characters, and some not so important ones.

Knight Life. We see more of the Strife/Methos pairing. We see more of the Blair/Rain pairing. We see what Xander's doing at the legacy house. Then they all come together.

Prophecies That Bite, Suck, And Chew.  the books that they need are found. So is Dru, who has some clues for them. Some worry about Xander, some give him information. And some just have fun.

That Old Feeling. Philip and Xander get closer. Aphrodite lets something out of the bag. People prepare to stand down for a bit, until they're needed.

Not Your Average Sort Of Evil. Xander and Philip get their marching orders from William Sloan, and some information. We have another run-in with Dru and Spike, where we get a little bit more of the puzzle.

Interesting Habitats. Philip and Xander's first day in the tower in Ireland and some strange things are going on.

In The Service of the Qu...Um, Joxer. Xander is called into Joxer's service to bring part of the group closer together in a slightly kinky way. Notes: threesome! M/M/F NC- 17.

A Knight's Hand. The Legacy gets some help with the attempt to rescue Derek.

To See the Queen.  New Xander/Philip centric.  They're off to see the queen.  The first of the trials start to pop up.  PG.

And hey, if you want to write in this particular universe, especially in fandoms I don't usually follow or write in, drop me a line and we'll see what the idea is.