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Greedy Hedonistic Sluts Society.

Welcome to the Greedy Hedonistic Sluts Society. If you noticed the sign over the door, you'll see it says "Here there be only pleasure". That is the motto of this organization. If this offends, please back out of this page. If not, please go in further to see some of our current members play. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Also of note, this is a Highlander/Buffy crossover, mostly focusing on Xander, Giles, Oz, and Methos, with a few friends from other fandoms thrown in for fun and laughs.

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1) Greedy Hedonistic Sluts Society: ( NC-17, x/o/g, X/m) Xander finds himself and then finds some people to be with who accept him as he is.

Why Me!?! : Interlude (PG): We see more of Xander's past and we find out some little things that he learned while he was in New York. An answer to BigBuck's challenge.
Finalizing the Details: Interlude 2 (PG): Xander comes home from the Northwest and has to finalize some plans. Interlude takes place while Xander is on the way home, in association with a piece by Kaiya, which is coming soon.

2) New Locations to Play In: (Has marked flashbacks NC-17, x/o/g ) The group finds some things out and Xander has to find a new home. Giles comes across.

3) Fixing the Inner Workings: (NC-17, x/o/g, Starts six days after end of ghs2 and no flashbacks) They hurt and fight but try to solve some of it.

4) Teaching Wild Children New Lessons: (NC-17, x/o/g, still before flash forwards in part 2 ) A disappointed Xander takes off for the day to shop with his ex and his lovers decide to teach him a lesson. Someone learns
something important.

5) Calm New Friends: (Takes place after the flash forwards in part 2) An old, calm friend shows up but with him comes trouble for the happy trio.

6) Finding Him, Fixing Them: Oz finally finds Xander, they talk. A new problem shows up.

7) Setting Up House: (NC-17, to be safe, almost sex in here.) Oz and Xander talk while they're waiting for the kittens to grow so they can go home.

8) Home Again: ( NC-17, x/o/g) They all finally make it home.

9) The Problem With Being Rich: Connor and Xander get closer while the local bank gives Xander troubles over his money.

10) Shopping! (NC-17, O/X/G.) The trio go shopping, and then there's a small spell problem.

11 ) Toys for the Puppy and the Human: Xander and the pets all get new toys, and they finally get to go home and talk.

12) New Hobbies and Recuperation: Oz teaches Xander what he knows.

13) Stepping Back Into Reality: (NC-17, O/X/G) They start to go back to their normal lives, with a short stop in the financial zone.

14) Escaping to do Spoiling-Type Things: (NC-17, O/X/G) The boys escape home for a while and Xander spoils them.

15) Fixing the Itches: (NC-17, O/X/M, G) They fix an annoying itch and then they fix the other kind of itch.

16) Changes Going On. (NC-17, X/O) Giles leaves for training, leaving Oz to comfort their pet.

17) A Slight Change of the Plan. (NC-17, X/O/Ray ) Xander makes a slight change in Methos' plans.

18) Paybacks Are A Bitch (NC-17, X/M, X/O, M/R ) Methos gets his payback for Xander teasing him. A drastic change happens in Xander's and Oz's relationship and Xander meets one of Oz's students.

Interlude) For The Good of All, One Must Suffer (R, to be safe, angst (definitely not a happy story)/gender switching) Joxer is changed for the good of the world, then finds his destiny.

19) The Waiting Game. (NC-17, X/O) Xander has to play the waiting game at Jace's.

20) Getting the Details Settled. (NC-17 to be safe, X/O, Jace/other) Oz and Xander settle the last few details before they can go home. Oz takes a challenge.

21) Hangin' With the Furries: Xander and Oz come home and sort a few things out, they adopt some new friends.

That's Who I Want To Be When I Grow Up. Xander watches a movie that speaks to him. Humor, G.

22) You Don't Touch What's Mine!: someone takes what's Oz's. And they pay for it.

23) Heads A'Talkin': Things start to get strange in Oz's house. Xander comes across a secret that could change a lot of things between them.

24) Bitchslaps to the Insane. Xander's been snatched, again, but for a different reason this time. Let the insane rule!

25) GHS Corrupting the World! (NC-17) The boys come home with many stories to tell and many things that they've seen and done. Then a problem with Ray develops and Xander goes into overprotective overdrive.

26) Homely Contentment (borderline NC-17) Xander the Devious fixes a few ... problems.

27) Friends in Low Places. (Borderline NC-17) Xander and Oz figure out a few problems together, including what to do with all the stuff they bought while on vacation, what to do about a secret admirer with expensive tastes, and what to do about Ray's problems.

28) Oz's Bad Day. Kidnapped by an immie that wants the family jewels. Possessed by something that wants Xander as his consort.

29) Spoiling Space. (NC-17) Xander needs some reassurance. And so does MacLeod.

30) Weddings Do Make You Feel Like a Queen. (NC-17) Xander's big day! And the paranoia, stress, and fits leading up to it.

31) Bombs Away! Bombs everywhere, of the emotional and physical nature.

32) Hunting. Xander gets hunted, and hunts some on his own.

33) Confusing Family Situations. Xander goes to meet his adoptive parents.

34) New Trigger Trips. Xander's brother does something to try and break the trio up. Xander gets some really bad news. Death Warning, sorta.

35) You F***ed Up! Wolfram and Hart make their final mistakes.

36) One of *Those* Days. It's one of those days for most everyone. A bored Xander, a pregnant Rocky. And a working Oz. Not to mention a new addition to the household.

37) Asking For Help. A routine few days in the life. Ray and Methos start to house hunt, the guys car shop, and the Housekeeper's life goes on.

38) Meeting the Family. The boys get more in-depth with the new Slayer and her Watcher. Giles' father shows up to take control over her.

39) Coming Home to Problems. The Problems come to a head, especially when we find out why they started in the first place.

40) Odd Helpers Helping To Fix The Problems. They face down the reason for the problems, and it's an old one that finally goes away.

41) After The Honeymoon Is Long Gone. Starts after 10 Year Gap... Taking up in the life of the unaverage GHS ten years later. The boys face their first real separation and we meet the newest furry. Life moves on for someone even as a great sickness descends upon them.

42) Out and About. Xander goes to London for his vacation and finds trouble, and a Princess. Warning: death of minor character.

43) Portals, Part Deux. They come home and discuss what happened while they were gone. Their new friend runs into a spot of trouble so they have to go help him in his secret project.

44) It Itches!! Blair comes to the house to get away from his lover and finds Daniel. Xander has to cross a portal to do a favor for someone and gets hurt.

45) Back to Work. Xander and Oz go to work on the project.

46) Screw the Rules, I'm Going! Xander gets made an offer he can't refuse.

47) An Unhappy Xander. The Xander has not had sex in months. Everyone is scared of the Xander. Except for the cop that doesn't like him. WARNING: ANGST! MINOR ORIG. CHAR. SUICIDE ATTEMPT, JUST TO MAKE XANDER FEEL GUILTY.

48) Confusing The Naughties. Some Time Spent In Vegas. Xander being Xander, Ray being Ray, and an attempted Gathering being stopped. They go to the GHS convention.

49) This Was Supposed To Be Fun? The GHS convention and the problems associated with it.

50) Bad Timing. Xander goes to the Mountain to give a prezzie, and they end up running for their lives. Then they hear bad things about Giles.

51) Furry Thoughts On Life. Jedi and Rocky go check out possible houses in South Beach.

52) A Holy And Righteous Cause. NC-17 Xander starts off on his crusade against Giles, and his talent at writing is turned toward another avenue.

53) The Plan. Things get set up for the upcoming move to South Beach and Xander goes ahead to do some decorating. Some plans are made for the town, some for the keystone. And some just for Xander.

54) Setting Up Love Nests. Xander's almost done setting up his new love nest. Watch the problems start to roll in: people who nark on him, a personal hate group, even gossip.

55) A Few Minor Adjustment Problems. NC-17. The guys get settled in, start back into their normal routines, go clubbing. They get to know their new immie neighbor a little better. A small matter of family honor and control also comes to bite them on the ass.

56) That Old Spoiling Mood. More of Xander's crusade to make Giles sorry is revealed when his third book in his dark series comes out. Xander gets to spoil two very special people, making most everyone happy.

57) Taking Care of Business. NC-17 to be safe. Xander comes home from his shopping trip. They have a talk while Methos is tied to the bed and learn some more about what Xander had done while he was 'working' in New York.

Bastard! Ray is called back to Chicago on a personal matter and ends up protecting the city and ending a menace, proving that he can take a quickening.

58) The Troubles Of A Bored Xander. Xander has to deal with being alone for a while again. As usual, trouble follows him. R rating for safety's sake.

Money Matters. Xander has to go free some of his money from some special hidden accounts.

59) Going Off Into New Directions. Oz comes home and the people under the mountain have a proposition for Xander at the right moment in life. Starts a new thread.

60) GHS In Space. The guys' first few months on that other planet, and everything that they've got to go through. Sort of like the first day at a new school in another city, only worse.

61) GHS In Space 2: Own Personal Hell. Giles is changed to the point where he does something that will start to tear apart the family. Methos and Ray join Xander and Oz offworld.

62) GHS In Space 3: Hairballs! Only Xander can have hair problems like this. Notes: In Memorial for Kevin Smith, he who played Ares. He inspired many dreams and many writers, if only to fix the plotlines and give him good scenes.

63) GHS In Space 4: Ferret Rule. A long story, in which a lot happens. Ferrets are adopted. Xander and Oz show a President around the other world. The usual happens to Xander.

64) Gods, Why Me? The latest search for the Xander, and where the Xander ends up.

65) And He Dances On. a problem in Sunnydale. A new house. A problem at the base. Some new Gods, some older Gods, a few Godly kids. About usual for Xander's life.

66) Happy Squeals. Due to some perception problems, Xander has to leave early for home. Once there, Cupid enlists his help to give his mother the best anniversary prezzie.

67) Visiting the Buddies. Nethisha takes matters into her own hands to get Xander back.

68) On The Way Home. A short vacation at the resort on the way home, done as only the guys can. NC-17, X/O, X/O/R/M

69) They're Here! The aliens have landed and Xander's right in the middle of it all.

70) The End Is Near. The last of the series, and how they come to their ultimate point of happiness. Note: Covers long periods of time, but is clearly marked. NC-17

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