The Wonderful World of Crossovers:
The Many Worlds That Can Go Into Harry Potter.

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A NOTE ABOUT ALL STORIES ON THIS PAGE: Anything on this page that contains a house elf speaking is probably oddly written. I'm sorry, I try very hard to write house elf. Most of the time it comes out somewhere between the (original) Shaft movie and Jar-Jar. Usually the more I try, the closer it becomes to Jar-Jar. So I'm sorry in advance, I'm trying to get better about that.

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Gryphon's Troubles Series:
Note: I have been told that this series has some heavy moments of Angst.

To The Death It Comes (Buffy/Harry Potter) Druscilla and a Watcher find Hogwarts so the gang, including the LA Crew, are invited over for an exchange of information. Will they have the answer to Hogwarts' greatest threat?

First Year Of Trauma (Buffy/Harry Potter) The first year as teachers. Xander's anger makes him go help someone outside and because of his injuries, he smartens up.

Advanced Learning Problems. (Buffy/Harry Potter) Third part of this crossover. Long story, in 4 parts

The Quidditch Match, A Snippet From Advanced Learning Problems (R. George/Xander and Ron/Buffy) Xander watches his first quidditch match of the year, but his powers are still really funky. Notes: Shaz inspired the muses to do this and they wouldn't leave me alone. Send all applause her way please. 6 pgs
Snippets between parts 3 & 4 of Gryphon's Trouble Series. (G to NC-17. Xander/George, Ron/Buffy, Percy/OFC Candy) 263 pgs.
The Trials and Tribulations of Family. This new set's first year. The trials, the tribulations, the humor, and the problems that can only come from the children of the Scoobies and the HP crew. NC-17, to be safe. Xander/George, Ron/Buffy, Draco/Ginny, Fred/OFC. Minor character death warning, off screen. Some angst. In 6 parts, 579 p

Probing The Old Wounds. The new set's second year, and Anastasia Malfoy-Weasley's first. Someone messes around in Sunnydale and trips some old spells. Major angst warning, NC-17 to be safe. In 2 parts. 189 p

Woe of Ages. A filler piece explaining Ravena's sudden age burst. 22p.
Protégé of Doom. Ravena Malfoy-Weasley's first year. Her charged fights with Ron Potter. Her deepest desires. The usual yearly angst. Plus, an old Founder comes back to clear up some things for Xander and Draco. NC-17 to be safe. In 6 parts. 548p.
White Knight Cavalry. An aside in the Gryphon's Trouble universe. From a wonderful plot bunny by Anne-Marie. A portal malfunctions on the way to the colony for another summer lesson and sends part of the group to another plane. R, to be safe, for swearing and mild violence. 93 pages including chart at the beginning. Notes: Set the summer before the kids' second seventh year. If you've read part seven, you'll understand that note. If you haven't read part seven, write me for a summary. It wraps up the series but it's over a thousand pages long and I haven't finished beta'ing it yet. Needless to say, it's a Ministry power play.

Unnamed snippet. Grandma Weasley is meeting the new daughter-in-laws and warning them before the family picnic. Went to the list already.

The End! Finally, the end is here! Along with assorted epilogues! And yes, before you ask, I overwrote it. The final year of school for the quad and the epilogues of the other kids and the future stuff that wraps up the series. In many parts. Anything written in an odd language, please refer to the note in part 1.
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7   Part 8  Part 9
Epi 1-3  Epi 4-5  Epi 6-7 (1)  Epi 6-7 (2)  Epi 8-9  Epi 10  Epi 11-14
Sex Snippet. Happens sometime during the epilogues in part 7. Definitely NC-17, multiple pairings.

Colony Snippet. From story 7, the official greeting visit with the Council of Elders.

[ePub] [Kindle] Gryphons Troubles Parts 01-04
[ePub] [Kindle] Gryphons Troubles Part 05
[ePub] [Kindle] Gryphons Troubles Parts 06-08
[ePub] [Kindle] Gryphons Troubles Parts 09-13 Vol1
[ePub] [Kindle] Gryphons Troubles Parts 09-13 Vol2

The Transformation Universe:
Notes: This series deals with Transgender themes.
Gender Blending. (NC-17. Ron/Harry/Draco) Due to an accident with the twins, Ron now switches back and forth, and people must step up to protect him when it's found out how powerful he now is. In 2 parts

You're A Good Boy, Harry Potter. (NC-17. Harry/Ron/Draco) The sequel, and the summer after graduation with all it's myriad problems and glories. 148 pages.

Aftermath. The final installment. A bunny given by Stephani spurred this one into being. NC-17

What If's. An alternate universe look at the Ron's Gender Series. (NC-17, Ron/Draco/Harry, Harry/Blaize Zabini) In 2 parts.

[ePub] [Kindle] Transformation Universe
[ePub] [Kindle] Transformation Universe - What If's

The Sacrifice Series:
Part angst, part humor, all Xander in Hogwarts, though he's not really a Xander anymore.
Year One: The Beginning. A needed sacrifice of one Scooby changes two worlds for the better. A fairly dark Xander but one who knows his limits. R to be safe for much swearing.

Year Two: Darker and Darker. The second year of school and the long story of this quad of stories. The forces around Alex are starting to gather strength and make him deal with them more often, but his friends are also closer to him than ever before. Angst and humor both. R to be safe for swearing and violence. In two parts

Year Three: Another Mystery. The group as third years, now that's a scary thought. At least more people area realizing how special Alex really is. Angst and humor blend together to make it a rich life. R to be safe for swearing.

Year Four: Crashing To A Head. Things come to a few different heads as the boys start the intense growing up process. Alex and Draco get closer in play and not. Alex and Harry are teaming up to help others. The humor of the group outweighs the pressures of the life they live. R to be safe for violence and swearing.

Year Five: The Year That Things Start to Ease Off. The fifth year and Harry has had enough! He really has! Even the Ministry's scared of him now. Minor angst and major happies. NC-17 Draco/Alex

Year Six: The Head Of It All. The sixth year as everything settles down and into the pattern of life. NC-17, death story of majorish character (not one of the boys) and more importantly a life story.

[ePub] [Kindle] Sacrifice Series

Individual Stories:
Cousins. (HP/Buffy Xover). short vignettes in the life of two cousins. R to be safe. Spoilers for All Seasons of Buffy and Up To Book Four! 53 pages.

Anything. Ron would do anything to make it all stop before it kills everyone he loves.

It Must Be A Joke Snape finds out that what he always thought was a myth is a reality. Just a short piece in fun.

Oops After the war, something has to be done and unusual people are called into service of the Ministry. G. 16 pages

I Choose You G. Draco's break with reality brings him a new friend with some very wicked ideas.

You Want Me To Do What?!? (NC-17, Buffy/Hp, Xander and Ron, Xander/Snape) Two part story to complete two challenges given by Oreocat and Calia. Ron has to interfere in Xander's life to save him and the world so is sent to Sunnydale. By the end, Xander is where he belongs and shagging who he belongs with. 132 pages with challenges included. Some discussion of Anya stories, but it's short and not graphic.

[ePub] [Kindle] all the above individual stories

The Consequences of Mischief (HP/Herc Xover) The twins find a spell that has devastating consequences for many students. Mpreg. 158 pages, PG/PG-13, mild swearing, some inuendo.

Baby's First Year And Daddy's First Nightmare. (NC-17, Ron/Strife, Ron/Cupid, Ron and Draco, Ron/Ares). Tasha and everyone's first year at Hogwarts and the trials the people want her to go through. More on Ron and Ares relationship and watching Draco mellow a bit. 268 pages

[ePub] [Kindle] both of the above stories

Rebellion? Or Not? The average seventh year rebellion story. Ron/Harry. NC-17, please read notes and warnings. 191 pgs.

Game, Set, Match. Prequel to Rebellion? Or Not? An exhibition game for the other schools benefit. Only, no one planned on the problems that were going to occur. PG at best. Notes: Takes place during the trio's fourth year. That means the twins and the ladies are in their sixth and Oliver in his seventh. Moment of Suspension of Belief: I figured out after I had written it that Oliver should have graduated with Percy, so consider him staying for some extra training, or he got held back along with Flint or didn't pass his owls. Sorry about that in advance but it doesn't work any other way. 30 pgs
Sexual Educations. Ron and Harry's first year on the preserve and Ginny's seventh year. NC-17. 142 pgs. Follow-up to Rebellion? Or Not?
[ePub] [Kindle] all 3 of the above stories

Something To Remember Me By Draco and Ron get sucked into an alternate dimension where they learn to get along, somewhat, and learn some important skills. Gen, R to be safe for mild swearing and mild violence.

Invetrion's Turn A prequel. Snape's trip over to visit with Alathander

[ePub] [Kindle] both of the above stories

The New Magical Me. Harry, then Ron and Draco, experience a life altering event. Many bad things can happen. NC-17, some kinky sex near the end. Warning: Vampires and their associated nastiness involved. If this squicks you, or kinky sex squicks you, then I'm sorry, please do not read. [ePub] [Kindle]

Families Hermione's research is used against some of the boys by the Hufflepuffs. Harry has to face up to a new idea and George. Ron/Padma, past Ron/Lavender mentioned. Harry/George. R to be safe since there's some icky imagery. [ePub] [Kindle]

Azkaban Is Bad, Marriage Is Worse Lockhart's plan to get his attention back, err... to make the world a more peaceful and happy place has some pretty severe consequences for a trio of boys. part 2 part 3 part 4 [ePub] [Kindle]

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