The Many Kinds of Joxer.
The muses seem to like him and I must obey the muses' wishes. As they have many versions of how they see Joxer, so are they shown below. Please heed the warnings where given.

All updates are marked with a *.

Realizing. (PG, gross descriptions of wound, Warning: Death Story, but a gentle one at the right time.) Joxer's arm wound brings him to his family. He realizes why he's him, someone else realizes why he's him.

Let Me Make You Happy: Prequel to Once Upon a Kitty. How Strife and Joxer meet up and why they're together

Once Upon a Kitty: Bliss causes mischief as only he can for his grandfather and some mortals to ease his father's suffering. NC-17, Strife/Joxer, Ares/Iolaus/Cupid

An Old Family Matter. Joxer, as a youth, was given an blessed sword to make him a better warrior. A look into his former life and his future as he fights for his family's way of life.

Why Me, Gaia!!?!! Strife's daughter proves to be more than the House of War can handle.

Prophecies Suck! (Or, alternately, Oops, Sorry! Didn't Mean To Get You, Sweetie!)Aphrodite enacts a prophecy and catches some others in it by accident.

That Little White Bottle. Joxer finds Xena's stash of little white pills and then finds out why Ares gave them to her.

Politics Of War. Ares decides to give some of his warlords a toy. Iolaus is called in to talk to one of the cadets, as is Joxer.

Protecting The Family Interests. Jace is in trouble so his family, brothers and extended, have to go help him.

No, No, No. Joxer's father sends for him because it's time for his arranged marriage. (One of the people on my list did tell me that something in this story bothered her, so I will warn you that this is a story about arranged marriages and breeding for the family line.)

I Made Joxer The Mighty! Jace demands his grandmother take her curses off the triplets

The Fate Of Many Will Be Decided By The Bored One.  Cupid's desperate for a sitter and talks the Fates into it.  Of course, Bliss wants to play with the pretty colors.

Bet Me You Will!   Joxer, and his three sides, have to stop the Twilight before he looses all his family.  Slight Angst Warning!  Authors Notes: I'm screwing with the timeline some. You'll see why soon enough.  Spoilers for (sorry, don't know names): the first ep. with Joxer and Callisto, the Baccae ep., the Cleopatra ep., the one where Strife dies.

Finding Your Path.  Jett and Iolaus find their path after Xena causes problems. Author's Notes: Set sometime after the whole "Way" fiasco, but before the baby travesty.  Yeah, Hercules is stuck up.  Prequel to Heroes Anonymous - which is on the Buffy page with its sequel.

Family Thing.  Strife figures out what's missing in his life, he needs his own muses.  So he creates them.  PG-13 to be safe.  15 pages.

Goddess D'Nalia (d'nalia/ares, d'nalia/strife): our beloved friend as a misplaced, pregnant goddess who's being helped by the House of War. 17 pages.  R, maybe

Child of a son.  Iolaus is given the most precious task of raising a child correctly for the Gods.  Will she turn out okay or like Xena?  PG for some mild swearing.

Lottery  Strife is given the task of finding a new Warlord while Ares is on vacation NC-17 to be safe.

Daddy, Please?   Remember the story where Strife had kids to be muses?  Well, this is the follow-up focusing on one daughter. Very short.  G.

You're Not Joxer!  The curse on Joxer is revealed and he becomes a different Joxer, one that some people just can't believe is him.  NC-17 to be safe, non-graphic sex. This is one of those stories that even I had to look at the muses and go 'huh'. ::points at action-figured sized man:: blame him.

Only Family Can Ruin  You.  Another one of those crossovers into multiple universes, based mostly in the Herc-verse.  It's time for a faimly reunion and some things aren't what they should be.  NC-17 to be safe for some violence and talk of Xander sleeping with his Uncle Jett.

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