New Things Series

A crossover Series with The Sentinel. Xander gets drugged by the Initiative and strange things happen, sending him down a new course in life. Watch Xander struggle to get and maintain control. Watch Oz fight against himself. Watch Xander and Oz fight to hold onto what they should have and build something that is strictly them.

This series is written in groups as a single story line. The first story line is all marked 1-#, etc. If it helps you understand it, consider it chapters in a single story, all of part one is chapters in the first story and so on. (PG and x/o unless noted)

1-1 Shiny New Futures, Xander develops heightened senses, guess who comes back to help.

1-2 New Friends, the boys' first session with a new friend

1-3 Old Friends, Giles shows up to help.

1-4 New Coping Ways, Giles helps the boys bond, fixes a few things. NC-17 X/Darryl

1-5 New Methods, Darrien and Philip help Xander get some control

2-1 Starting Over, Again, Xander and Oz start their new lives, beginning with talking.

2-2 Bed Monster, Xander develops a sudden urge to cuddle and breaks up a fight.

2-3 Getting Right Again, Oz comes for Xander and Giles moves to Cascade.

2-4 Pasts and Furtures, Darryl comes back with some news and the boys find a new home.

3-1 Roomies and Funky Zones, Xander and Oz discover whole new levels of zoning as they adjust to being roomies.

3-2 Art Problems, The art overruneth and Xander gets rid of some work, starting a small dispute between him and his Art department. Oh, and he gets sick too.

3-3 Breaks, Xander take a break from the stress. NC-17, X/Blair.

3-4 Warnings of Things to Come, Xander and Oz reach their critical crisis in a way that only they can be warned. (Warnings, some decidedly Ansty content)

4-1: Starting Off On The Right Foot: (PG-13, X/O) They start off on the tour and have a few run-ins with strange creatures.

4-2: Incoming!: (PG-13, X/O, Dev/m (in hints)). Buffy shows up for Xander.

4-3: Overflowing Problems: (PG-13, X/O, O/f, W/T) Problems start again between the guys, not
helped at all by Sascha showing up, or the Initiative's intervention in their lives.

4-4: Walking In The Woods: (PG-13, X/O, O/Sascha) The guys recuperate in the woods, working on some of the worst problems.

4-5: Homes: (NC-17, X/O, O/Sascha, W/T) Talk of home, old ones and new ones both.

4-6: Home Again: (PG-13, X/O. O/Sascha) Everyone's home again, and the fight with the art department comes with some new complications.

5-1: Tricks and Treats: (PG-13) Xander and his advisor get closer to each other.

5-2: News: (PG-13) Xander gets some good news and some bad news. They discuss things with Buffy.

5-3: Personal Problems: (PG-13) Xander's math problem is fixed, the guys get some new stuff, and Oz gets some bad news.

5-4: Digging In: (NC-17, X/O) The guys dig in to fix a lot of their problems once everyone gets involved in their problems.

6-1: Another Semester, Another Problem. The spring semester. Some really great things happen, some really bad things happen. Then Oz has to leave for a tour.

6-2: Summertime Blues. The end of summer and the tour, and things have gone from bad to worse between the pair.

6-3: Flying The Spirit Plane On A Peruvian Vacation. Xander goes to visit an old friend on impulse and gets a lot of help from the Spirit Guides, all of them.

6-4: Playing It Again One Last Time. Xander has to heal from the split. Will it last though? Meddling Advisors want to know.

This ends this series, though I will leave open the possibility of a stand-alone to do an epilogue for the series.