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Sometimes a Xander is more of a Xander than you thought, and a more important Xander than the girls want to realize. Sometimes Xander is even an Old One.

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This series contains slash, femslash, & het, trios and couples. If that offends you, sorry! Please read warnings for each story.

Do be aware that this is mostly based off movie-verse cannon, though the first few came out before more than the first _Iron Man_ came out. Now and then I will bring in some comic cannon I've been looking over or power the gods like from the _Herc/Xena_ verse because they do show up.

Before anyone asks, yes, Xander will be in a couple. Later on. <G>

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The Old Ones.

Sometimes Xander isn't Xander, he's Alexander. Not that nearly anyone knew but some people need the help of such a guy and he's there to step in and be the white knight he's always been.

The Old Ones Keep Going.

Things get worse in Sunnydale, even with others stepping in to help. Plus a few battles have to be fought outside of Sunnydale, which means Xander's not really a content boy. Oh, and that little Losers tiff is finally worked out in someone's head. Heavily NC-17 for two different Roque/someone scenes.

The Old Ones Return.

The fallout from Willow's problem. The witness statements, the parents that can't seem to accept blame, Xander dealing with his eye. And maybe a little bloom of interest for Xander from a decent woman.

Old Ones In Store.

Once they get to move back home, Xander takes over the Magic Box until Giles can come back, and really a lot of the work after he does come back. Xander has ideas that work pretty well for the store.

Old Ones in Style.

All the old ones have to step together to end a plot, but first there's some lighter stuff, like dates. And clubbing. And more gooing and courting.

Old Ones Being Pissed Off.

The actions of the NID cause a lot of things to change and a lot of Goddesses to get really pissed off. The Pissed Off Goddess Tea Society is not one to screw with.

Old Ones' Mates and Mothers.

Some 'ship work for Roque/Clay and Xander starts to get more serious about Carolyn, no matter what his mother does. NC-17 Clay/Roque.

Old Ones in Love and Battles.

More on the upcoming apocalypse and we see the terror that will one day be unleashed on humanity being born.

Old Ones With Powers.
Did they even think before the higher ups mandated that each son of a chaos god had to have a power surge to power them every decade?
Plotting Old Ones.
Xander has to go with Odin's decree. In a way that's uniquely his own.
Tiny Old Ones.

Willow fixes something that's making Tara cry but it creates hell for an Old One and a few others. Spoilers for _The Avengers_ movie in a big way. Also, a slight fix it.
Training Old Ones.

The first group of recruits show up at Xander's new temple to be trained.
Weird Emergencies For the Old Ones.

Sometimes weird emergencies happen around SHIELD and other places. Thankfully, someone has a clue, even if she is in trashy clothes even her sister would call ho gear.
Future Old Ones On R & R.

Dawn gets some time off. All the talk of bikinis has been building to here. When people start to lose their minds over her bikini of the day.
Old Ones With Plans.

How Dawn has to fix her part of the upcoming apocalypse, no matter how many people try to interfere in one way or another. NC-17 m/f
Old Ones With Slime, Sex, and Mead.

Just like the title says. NC-17 m/f, m/f/f
Old Ones Building Up To Things.

Things are building toward the apocalypse, and other things. R m/f- /f
Other Old Ones Clashing Against Our Old Ones.

The battle. Then something weird starts happening around Dawn and Clint. R. Um, minor death of character that's been under death sentence.
Old Ones Coming Back To Normal.

Xander finally makes it to a physical form again and the running away from the US is solved for the trio.
Pissing New and Old Old Ones Off.

The various pantheons have found a way to make Xander hit his line of 'I'll be damned'. They have plans for him. Then Dawn has a Week of Stupidity.
Making Old Ones Angry.

Xander's angry. Phil's angry. Either one might just Hulk up they're so pissed at the others who keep pushing things. Who do you think is going to win this battle? part 2
Fussing at Old Ones.

The battle pushing Xander and Phil together gets a bit harder and meaner. Which is their worst mistake to date. Because no one screws with the mortal families of any of the Old Ones. NC-17 m/f, m/f/f,
Other Old Ones With Plots In Mind.

There's plots, there's plans, there's 'shippy stuff... A lot of shippy stuff.
The Relationships of the Old Ones and Not So Old Ones.

Buffy's wedding. Phil and Xander start to work on their relationship for real. The trio celebrate the birthdays on record with a bit of smutty playing too. NC-17 m/f/f (in various combos), m/m
Even Future Old Ones Have Ideas and Plans.

Phil and Xander run into a problem thanks to Callia, but solving it did them some good. Her mates find out that Dawn has been playing kitten poker, and there's some incentive there to talk about it. NC-17, m/f/f (in various combos of that trio), m/m, misuse of godiva bars.
Screen Time Old Ones.

Someone's going to do a movie about SHIELD and the Avengers. Which is not really in Nick Fury's favorite list of plans. NC-17 m/f/f, m/m
Even Future Old Ones Have Plans.

Some things need to get done, like a vacation before the Expo and the Expo itself. Plus Xander and Phil have some moments too. NC-17 m/f/f, m/m
Fighting, Shopping, Competing Old Ones?

The SHIELD teams get invited to the agent olympics so they have to figure out who's doing what and talk some adjunct members into helping them. The Stark team, minus Stark, go to LA for a speech that Pepper has to give, some shopping, and avoiding a few threats that Dawn had warned about but no one realized. NC-17 m/f, m/m.
* Jealous of the Old Ones.

There's always got to be one jealous one. Even at Stark International.
* Dawn Luck of Newborn Future Old Ones.

Baby Elizabeth Potts is born during a bout of Dawn Luck. How lucky for her.
* Family of Old Ones, New and Old.

Buffy needs time, Joyce needs some healing time, and Dawn needs time to not lose her mind. Thankfully they have family around to support them.
* Thugs vs Old Ones.

Agent Olympics and gay bashers. Quite a month for the families.
* Fix-It Old Ones.

Repairing the damage from the attack and other things.
* Researching From Ancient to New to Future Old Ones.

It's great when things get pointed out and figured out by asking some of the most ancient of any Old Ones. And the movie premieres. NC-17
* Busted Old Ones.

Press nightmares lead to Dawn falling on Xander's obstacle course and breaking her leg. Which doesn't please her mates, even though they're out of town. Oh, and the marriage comes out and Howard is a ghost. NC-17
* Mad and Insane Old Ones.

Someone evil puts a kill order on Callia, which doesn't make anyone happy. Incredibly enough, it's Fury that steps in to stop the bullshit. The twins and Sean come home, to much happiness, tears, and fighting off wenches who can't count. Then, Dawn talks to someone about why she can't get pregnant. So it's a full few weeks for these Old Ones. NC-17
* Female Old Ones At Work And Play.

Weird magic users, more reporters. A Dawn wanter who wants her for an unusual reason. Then a girl-cation and some Xander backstory. NC-17
* Good Nights To Be Old Ones.

Some special good nights.
* Old Ones in Danger.

Ah, pregnancy, how it causes many things. Like attacks. NC-17
* Packs of Old Ones.

You touched the wrong pack members. Now, she's pissed off. NC-17
* Cat And Mice Old Ones.

While Tony, Pepper, and Steve are on vacation, someone above SHIELD wants to play. It's not happy making for the ones wanting to play cat and mouse.
* You Wanted What From This Future Old One?

A slight battle and then a girl's vacation. It's a great time sometimes. Even Xander and Phil get in on the date night action. And then, someone stupid tries something to get Dawn, Natasha, and Bucky. The twins go on their adulthood hunts, which pleases the family.
* Worrying About Your Own Old Ones.

Sometimes you gotta get the fashionable body armor. And sometimes you gotta deal with the people that send you diseases at your desk. ::planting an angst flag:: NC-17
* Na-Uh, Old Ones Say No.

You'd think by now John and Xander's mother would've learned not to mess with her boys. But nooooooo..... Someone's always got plans, whether they're family or not.
* Old Ones Managing Emergencies.

More people with plans. A lot of plans. Yeah, it gets that bad. ::plants another angst flag:: Slightly NC-17
* Handyman Old Ones Fix Things.

A bunch of fixing things. Fixing the time flip, fixing the angry pantheons, fixing it so the kids are safe.
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