The Legacy Pack
(also known as 'seven years and a score of incidents later')

Legacy Pack + 7. See the Alignment family seven years in the future as things start to heat up in their lives in whole new ways. Teenagers in the service of the Legacy Pack.

The Inevitable Marching of Time. Precious starts her change toward womanhood and becomes *very* unstable.

Matters of Family and Protection. A slimy asshole tries to get Precious, and everyone starts to realize just what sort of problems she could be having soon. The other kids start on their own way to adulthood. Precious proves how strong she can be when she has to be.

Shopping. A shopping interlude before the London Hellmouth opens and the whole Legacy is endangered. Barely NC-17.

Nitpicking the Tidbits. They come back home and plan for the next part of the crisis, with some personal problems thrown in too. And yeah, I was hungry when I wrote this <G>

A Day In The Life. The Precept's meeting starts with problems, which Xander and Nick go to take care of. Everyone else have a diversion and an old friend comes home.

Things Going SO Wrong, So Very Wrong. Some things happen at the conference, some things happen at the houses. And the kids get caught in the middle.

What Else Did You Expect? The problems from the conference are fixed and everyone goes home.

Simple Tests.  The children have to prove that they're good enough to start handling adult responsibilities by doing a few simple tasks.  PG-13, some swearing, 35 pages.

Binary  Xandra and Timmy escape to go to a technical convention. G, 27 pgs

Teachers.    Junior's life is about to take a change for the odd and the kids start to deal with more grown up things, including crushes.  PG at worst.

Boys and Girls.   Boy have some problems, girls have some problems, and Timmy has game related stress since he's waiting to hear from someone to see if they want it.  Xandra has a boyfriend, Precious has a boyfriend and causes some of the worst problems.  R, for some swearing.

Whoa!  Time Out!  Continuing where part 12 left off.  The girls are growing up.  The boys are growing up.  Precious has a problem that gets overcompensated for by her mother so Willow pays.  R to be safe, mention of child and past boyfriend abuse.

*Threatening Actions Xandra and the boys have a talk with the math teacher while things move ahead on more personal levels.

*Party Time! The birthday party and a new twist in Junior's life shows up. Plus, the rest of the adults start to get in on the action of the math teacher.

*Little Girls and Little Boys Ethan enters the battle with his usual subtlety. The new twist spills a few secrets. R for language to be safe.