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A show about paranormal researchers in San Francisco, Poltergeist: the Legacy is sci-fi/fantasy - occasionally bordering on horror. The Legacy is a worldwide organization that has been around since the beginning of time to combat the forces of evil that plague man. Many houses exist but the show, and most of my stories, are about the San Francisco house and its in habitants.

So join Derek, their Precept, and his colleagues Nick, Alex, Rachel, and occasionally Kristen as they fight evil and sudden attraction for their housemates.

Note: I do not make a claim on the characters represented here or in the stories linked below. I have no copyright title and plan no infringement to the people who do. I do not make a claim about the actors or the wishes of the production staff, they who are no longer together, nor do I wish to be sued by such people.


New Stories: (beta'd by Mary and/or Dine, who are just great people to put up with me, or my Kaiya, who I corrupted to Slash.)

Nightmares and Illnesses Nick and Philip are sick and they hallucinate to old tv shows. N/D/P, R

part 1 part 2 part 3

No More, Please! Blair has Derek tell him a story to cure his bad day xover with sen : D/BS, NC-17

Kat Presents Freud (NC-17, D/N/P) Katherine's presentation on Freud's Ego Development Theory turns out to be thought provoking.

A Bedtime Story For Sarah. Alex interrupts Nick's free time and Derek intervenes. A story to help Sarah get to sleep. (PG, N/D)

Coincidence? Not! The people at the house are reminded that there is no such thing as a coincidence for them. Notes: Set ten to fifteen or so years down the road. Contains Philip as a priest. This is a cross over with the Sentinel (almost), also set well out of their timeline. (G/PG, Philip/f, Nick/Derek, done last summer (99))

Big Mistake: Kristen makes a fatal mistake. Can she deal with it?

Reciprocating: (PtL, Derek/Nick, G) Someone's sick and someone's stubborn.

Oh, My 2. Dominick the butler must come to better terms with his fantasies. An old story I've recently found and decided to put out.

Strife/PtL Xover:

Some Things Are Meant to Be (or Fuck Fate! I Don't Wanna!)  Strife is appointed to do a job, and he makes sure it's good for *everyone*.

Knowledge. The guys find out what Strife was really up to.

Lost and Found. The boys are born. We see some of them in the future.

Old Stories, mostly not beta'd, fair warning, and from when I first started to write.

Boredom Nick gets bored and Derek fixes it for him. N/D, PWP, 5K

Coming Out Nick and Derek come out to the house. little angst, PWP, 25k

I Can't take this anymore! Alex can't take anymore of her class. Alex (f), PWP, 3.5k

Girls Night Out The women of the house go out for an evening on the town after the men go away. A/K/R, PWP, 17k

Oh, my How Humiliating A couple at the house celebrate an anniversary with their friends. PG, funny, 7k

Learning Curve Nick is found getting lessons on how to please his lover. N/D, PWP, 15K

New Beginnings A new arrival at the house spells changes, also a new assignment, and the relationship between the men changing. (NC-17, N/D/P, Drama/Romance, lots of angst, esp. Nick angst. 298K)

Oh, my The butler helps Derek and Nick along, or does he. PWP, 5k

A Peaceful Night at home, at last Nick and Derek spend a quiet moment at home. N/D, PWP, 11k

The Sight Kat asks some questions about Nick and Derek's relationship, and they find out she has a special problem. N/D, Romance, little angst, 16k

Sick Leave (Or Nick Leave Those Poor Men Alone - a Rachel title) Nick visits his sick men in the hospital after a routine injury (at least for them). N/D/P, PWP, 21k {{{Written for my sick listsibs.}}}

Sore Feet For some reason, Nick is getting Alex's PMS. Watch Derek deal with it. N/D, PWP, 8k

Nick Meets the Three Stooges The stooges show Nick what life really means. PG - implied, humor, 13k

Let's Celebrate: A happy and tender D/N piece, no sex.

The Writing Demon Alex's writing demon rears it's head in the house, prompting Nick and Derek to figure it out. N/D, first time, sweet. 18k

Valentine's Day Depressions Philip gets a new assignment, some old ghosts show up, and they learn about Derek's past. {{{Valentines Chall.}}} 51.5k N/D/P, small non-con warning (in memory)

Unicorn Series:

Strange Visitors. (G) A strange visitor comes to Derek's dreams to tell him something about Nick.

Seemore's Strange Side-paths. (G) The Legacy's Unicorn helps Kat come out to her mother, and to her future girlfriend.

Three of a Kind Series:

A N/P/A(/D eventually and xover with Sentinel) AU. They were brought together by a strange new perfume, but the consequences are not so little. Most are NC-17 in nature, except the first two, who are all in rememberance.

Possession: Alex's new perfume creates some new and interesting problems in the house. (16.5k, N/P/A)

Testing the New Skills: The morning after, and when they learn about the bond. (22k, N/P/A, small angst)

Another Place, Another Time: They go to a cabin in the woods to learn more and to make the bond grow stronger. Some new things are learned along the way about an old bond, and why it's not good to resist (59.5k, N/P/A, some angst.)

Reality is Strange (or who let her in the medicine chest): The short morning after piece. Alex takes some aspirin and has a reaction that spreads in an interesting way. (12k, N/A/P)

Fighting It To The End: The trip home, and part of their first night back. They learn just how deep into the link Derek really is. (75k, N/A/P, D)

Resolution: Alex is kidnaped, they find Derek's place in the bond, and Nick learns what it all means. (NC-17, D/N/A/P and J/B (small crossover with the Sentinel))

The More Things Change....: A week after the super epilogue in Resolution. And an AI appears, Blair sets up an educational system and the kids go nuts. (NC-17, D/N/A/P and J/B (crossover with the Sentinel).)

Changes in the Wind: Katerine's activities with the older children is discovered and Jim/Blair make it official. Kids feed the spirit guides. (R, D/N/A/P and J/B.)