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Sometimes the attic of 'What If' opens and strange things come out.  This is is one of those.

This is a THEMED series, meaning all the stories run around a central theme but are not connected together like a normal series.  The theme for this series is 'secret lives'.  What sort of life do our favorite boys, and sometimes girls, have that the others don't know about?  Past lives?  Present lives?  Secrets from them?  What happens if people should find out? That's the why of this series.

The who will range from the pretty trio above to any other favorite or interesting character.

The where could be anywhere: past, present, future, their own worlds with a twist, travelling or at home.  Anywhere.

The stories will be probably be rated R to NC-17.  Very few of these will be totally innocent stories.  Becuase you should be able to be a bit naughty when you're not being yourself.

* Updated 10/31/08

A Princess Born  NCIS.  Tony DiNozzo is a princess.  Some people knew this already.  Some people didn't and though it was just his attitude.  Then Tony gets called home to help his people.  Who all want him to marry Gibbs for some reason.

A Better Life Lived.   Long ago in another dimension, two warriors and their favorite slave are living their normal lives until an invasion happens and things swiftly change to a new realm and new identities. CSI:Miami/NY/Buffy.  VERY NC-17 for mild toy kink.  part 2

Damn the Man.  Not only Sam's hidden life, but Xander's hidden life is exposed when Sam finds fanfiction and then finds others who know about it too.  R maybe.

Hidden Talents.  Dean finds some things he never really wanted to know about Sammy's time in college.  NC-17, het (kinda) and gay both.

*Past Lives Moving Into The Present. A long time ago, when they were teenagers, the US had a program to teach certain talented young men how to be spies.  Today, that old training is coming in useful when they're outed thanks to a former head of the program who doesn't like them and wants them dead. CSI:Miami/CSI:NY/NCIS/Numb3rs crossover.

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