Sentinel Stories:

Please be aware that these stories are mostly very old and some have not been beta'd.

NEW STORIES (which may have been beta'd):

(added 11/12/07)

Part 4 of Making It Go Away.  Some health issues are exposed and they learn a bit about Kat's cousin, who is having issues with family and her gifts.

(added 12/29/02)

4 former zine stories:

Changes and Decisions Blair tries to find normality by changing himself, much to the pain of Jim.

A Few Wrong Turns Naomi's sick in a hospice in West Virginia and Blair leaves Jim to be by her side after he and Jim fight. Blair's injured in this one, before it began.

Teasing and Testing Jim kidnapping Blair to a cave to talk about their relationship. First Appeared in Angel On My Mind 2, 1999

Depression Blair falls into a coma, Jim muses on why from his bedside as he too starts to fall ill.

(added 11/10/02)

New Parts of the Fairytale Series:

#5 Cutting Pains The end of the cult case, the beginning of the Naomi endeavor.

#6 New Directions of Thought Blair has decided what he's going to do about his dissertation.

(added on 6/29/02)

Jim's Little Playground 1st of a 2 part set. Jim goes bad and takes over Cascade.

It's My Turn Now! 2nd of 2 part series. Blair gets his chance.

Caped....Crusaders? Superheros come to Cascade. They get embroiled in Jim and Blair's life. Supposed to be funny.

Sheets Because It Bothers Me, All Right? Why doesn't Jim like to change his sheets?

Strange Games Jim and Blair traveling to the D&D realms to go fight and protect. Former Zine Story.

Limited Series: Making it Go Away Blair's lie is fixed but now he has to find a new path in life. Crossover with Poltergeist: the Legacy that starts after the last Sentinel ep ::gag:: happened. It is also a prequel to Coincidence? Not!, which is in the PtL index. PG-13. J/B, Nick/Derek.

1 Blair's diss problem is finally over. What will he do now?

2 Blair's accepted an invitation to join the people on Angel Island, but what about Jim?

3 Jim's accepted a short-term contract and promises to try for Blair. Will he give the house a fair shot?


Hidden Lovers A sen POV piece, all from Simon's point of view. Former Zine Story.

Huh? Blair helps Jim destroy a fundamental illusion of life. Jim/Blair, R- on the safe side, 30.3k (the title is a direct quote.

Jim Finds Blair Some Songs: Just what the title says. Jim/Blair, G, 9k

Oh, NO!! See Blair almost panic as another thing happens to him in class. Jim/Blair, PG, 14.5k

Milky Way Fantasies: Someone sent the bullpen a box of drug-laced candybars that give them fantasies. You'll never guess what some of them are (I admit to being under the influence of no sleep in days when I wrote this. Fair warning!!!!) NC-17 and probably higher, Everyone involved, 45.3k

In the Kingdom of the Warrior King: Two stories in one, the first is an AU set back in one of those Pre-Christian fairy tale kingdoms, and well the second, you just have to read to understand J/B, J/S, B/m, J/B/m, NC-17 to be safe, some angst. Please read notes included with the story.

Toys: Blair has a problem, Jim fixes it, but will it bring them closer together or.... NC-17, J/B, B/S

Watch Me, Play With Me, Help Me: Their first night together. B/S, NC-17

Coming Together Again: My fix for S2P2 before I saw it. Blair is gone and Jim is lost in himself. Can Blair come back and save them both? NC-17, J/B, lots of angst

Jim Gets A Boo-Boo: Jim's head injury leads to some....strange behaviors. J/B, R

Precious Bundle: Blair gets an unexpected delivery. R, j/b

Joining the Two: They travel to Peru as a family to bond. Sequel to Precious Bundle. R, J/B.

Together: They're married, and the wedding is almost interrupted. Sequel to Joining the Two. R, J/B.

The Family ( Addam's Family 1): Jim meets some of Blair's distant relatives. PG-13, humor, j/b

House Sitting (Addam's Family, part 2): Blair goes to house sit. PG-13, small humor.

Growing Up (Addams Family 3): PG. Wednesday is growing up and making plans for her future.

Addams Family - The College Years Side story to series - heavily buffy. PG-13, nudity, B/X/O

Fairytale Series:

Finding Home: Blair finds his father, a little too late. Pre-slash, J/B. R for graphic bodies

Fitting In: Blair and his Step-father get closer until he has an accident. Death of orig. Character. R J/B

Learning to Cope: Blair and Jim work together to keep the store going. Naomi shows up with a surprise. PG-ish. J/B, Simon/Naomi

Making it Work: They work on Naomi's little problem and we learn more about it. Oh, yeah, and they have a small incident with the truck. PG-ish, J/B, S/N.