Well, I guess it's about time I did this. As much time as I spend on other people's web pages, I ought to return the "favor," don't you think? So, these pages are a quick introduction to me and to my favorite places on the web.

Well, I've been playing with computers since about 1983, when my mother gave me a TI99/4A computer with a tiny color tv (for a monitor) and a cassette player (for data storage). I taught myself anything and everything I could on that thing! I checked out every issue of any computer magazine that had any TI stuff in it from the library. I read them all from cover to cover, and typed in every program in the back. I typed them in using the order the program actually ran in, and taught myself some rudimentary BASIC programming like that. Well, I learned enough to pass a BASIC class at college a few years later.

In 1988, my brother gave me an Apple ][+ with a 300-baud modem. I discovered the myriad BBSs in Brevard County (Florida, home of the space program)...I was hooked! I did homework on it (I was in college at the time), telecommunicated, and basically obsessed with my "toy."

A few months later, I got a job as an office manager for a wholesale hologram distributor. The office was run on Macintoshes, and my life was complete. ::grin:: The following is all the instruction I received on how to use a Mac my first day on the job:

"This is a mouse. See how the little arrow on the screen moves when you move the mouse?"
"Ok, the commands are in these menus. Use the mouse to choose the command you want. Got that?"
"Ok, here, type in all these invoices. I'll be back in a few hours."

That was it! And I haven't looked back! Within a week, I was teaching the boss about how to do stuff with the computer. When that company closed, I was given the opportunity to buy one of the Mac Pluses we used to run it. Since then, I've gradually worked my way up: Mac Plus, SE (later with accelerator card), LCIII, LC475 (Quadra 605), PowerMac 6100/60AV, and a couple of months ago I got a G3! And, yes, I got rid of the 300 baud modem. I'm now using a US Robotics Courier 56K V.90 (don't you wish you were?).

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